New York Mets Sign Superstar SS Carlos Correa to 12-Year $315M Contract

Carlos first agreed to a deal with the San Francisco Giants last week, and was scheduled to sign a historic 13-year, $350 million contract, which would have tied Bryce Harper for the longest free agent contract in U.S. professional baseball history with the Philadelphia Phillies.

When the agreement between Correa and the San Francisco Giants broke down last Tuesday, the New York Mets quickly took action, led by Steve Cohen, the highly aggressive owner of the New York Mets, who revealed to the New York Post that he had negotiated a new contract with Correa’s agent, Scott Boras, in Hawaii. 슬롯머신

“We need one more thing and that’s all,” Steve Cohen, owner of the New York Mets, explained to the New York Post. “This was important. This overwhelms us. This is a good team. I hope this is a good team.”

Carlos was originally scheduled to be formally introduced by the San Francisco Giants on Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2022, but the club announced last Tuesday morning that a press conference introducing Correa as the San Francisco Giants had been postponed without giving a reason.

The Associated Press recently reported that Carlos’ physical examination had raised an undisclosed medical issue, but many diverse sources in the sports media industry were still under the impression that the deal would still be finalized and carried out as planned.

Boras told the New York Post that there was a “disagreement” between Carlos and the San Francisco Giants over the results of a physical examination, a standard procedure for any contract or trade in American professional sports. The physical health of the San Francisco Giants and Carlos Correa opened the door for the New York Mets to return to the two-time MLB All-Star selection table, and they added another MLB superstar in the offensive quest and signing process for the New York Mets’ first MLB World Series championship since 1986.

Cohen told New York Post reporters that the deal with Carlos and his agent, Boras, went fast because the New York Mets initially failed to reach an agreement last week ahead of the suspension of the deal with the San Francisco Giants.

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