New Washington DC bill would allow for competitive digital sports betting markets

Kenya’s McDuffie, a DC lawmaker, introduced a bill that would allow an open and competitive market for Kenya’s capital city, where consumers currently have only one option for online sports betting. The bill would create a new C-grade license for businesses to offer online sports betting across the city.

Currently, the only platform available across the region is GambetDC, which has been under fire almost since its launch. Run by Intralot on behalf of the Lottery and Gaming Secretariat (OLG), the platform has a reputation for uncompetitive odds, limited market, and tough usability.

It is common sense among stakeholders that consumers will cross the border between Maryland and Virginia, which provides at least 10 online sportsbooks for more choice. BetMGM and Caesars Sportsbooks also offer digital sports betting in the region, but are limited to betting within two blocks of your partner’s sports arena and radius.

GambetDC has imported $4.3 million in tax revenue to the region since its launch in May 2020, despite research showing it could import $84 million ahead of its launch. For comparison, Delaware, which also has a single operator, has generated $65.5 million in tax revenue since its launch in June 2018, according to a sports handle revenue, handle and tax database.

New Hampshire is another monopolistic state, earning $101.8 million in taxes since its launch in December 2019. 온라인카지노

McDuffey dates back to 2019, when DC Council legalized online sports betting. At the time, OLG and DC Council agreed to allow lottery vendor Intralot to expand contracts and offer sports betting, effectively granting them exclusive rights.

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