Manchester United ‘from KRW 57 billion to KRW 0’: Manchester United to say goodbye without contract extension

The global media ESPN reported on the 1st (Korea Standard Time) that “a source said Manchester United has decided not to extend their contract with Varane. This means that they can negotiate with clubs outside the Premier League (PL) from Jan. 1 and leave Old Trafford on a free agent (FA) for the upcoming summer. Erik ten Hag still considers Varane as the core, but he is reluctant to extend his £300,000-a-week contract by one year.” 실시간 바카라사이트

“The current contract signed by Varane will expire as of June 2024. It is similar to David de Gea, who left without invoking a one-year extension option last season. Varane and De Gea were among the highest paid players along with Casemiro and Jadon Sancho,” he added. In 2021, Varane appeared at Old Trafford and lifted his United jersey high. Varane, a world-class player who joined as the “best-ever clothing official,” received much anticipation from Manchester United fans.

Varane, who consistently did his part despite major and minor injuries, has recently fallen into crisis. Ten Hag appointed his student Lisandro Martinez from Ajax, and over time Varane began to lose ground to Harry Maguire and Victor Lindelof, even Johnny Evans.

Rumors have it that Baran will be released from the team. “With the winter transfer window imminent, Baran is more likely to escape from the team than he is struggling to earn trust again from manager Ten Hag. He is reportedly going to Saudi Arabia and is considering recruiting Al Nasr. A reunion with Cristiano Ronaldo could be attractive.”

Baran, who had invested 40 million euros (57.3 billion won) in bringing him here, may not be able to collect even a penny of his transfer fee. The announcement was made when he joined Manchester United in 2025, but if the option is not extended, it will expire this year. If they break up like this, it will be a failed recruitment in the end. Manchester United recently knelt down at Nottingham Forest. Ten Hag’s position is getting narrower. His next match will be against Wigan in the third round of the English FA Cup (round of 64 strongest teams) at dawn.

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