Lee Sung-kyu also helped his senior Oh Seung-hwan by attacking.

In the bottom of the ninth inning, he pushed Choi Min-joon’s first pitch 139km cutter with one out and one on first base. The best defense center fielder Jihoon Choi followed to the end, but a timely triple hit the top of the fence. It was like a golden shot to run away with two points at 5-3.

Oh Seung-hwan took the mound again in the top of the ninth inning to achieve the milestone. Oh Seung-hwan of the world also shook slightly in front of the milestone, with a packed crowd and his beloved family watching. 안전놀이터

He allowed leadoff Oh Tae-gon to get on base with four balls after one strike. He also threw three balls to Choi Ji-hoon. seven consecutive balls. Unlike Oh Seung-hwan, his zero suddenly shook. However, he recovered soon and took a breather after dealing with an infield fly ball with two fastballs. After a nine-pitch game with Han Yu-seom, he walked with one out and runners on first and second bases.

He handled Herredia with a fly ball to right field and got two outs and runners on first and second base. Park Sung-han’s home run ball pulled from 3B1S fell into the stands by slightly passing by the pole on the right. A heartbreaking moment. That’s it for the nervous situation.

Park Sung-han’s slugging ended the game with a straight hit to the left field. Captain Koo Ja-wook, who finished the game by catching the ball, ran to the mound cheering. Oh Seung-hwan, who had a dull emotional change, also hugged the upcoming catcher Kang Min-ho. Fellows who kept Oh Seung-hwan’s milestone with all their hearts gathered on the mound and cheered with their shoulders on. Oh was congratulated by hugging Woo Kyu-min and other colleagues one by one.

Oh Seung-hwan’s milestone was celebrated with a packed audience by posting videos every 100 saves from his first save on the electronic display.

With the Rachenka Saveers reverberating again, Oh Seung-hwan bowed to the home fans who had not left their hats. The flame rose just in time.

In a broadcast interview after the game, Oh Seung-hwan thanked the packed home fans, saying, “I was hoping to set a milestone in front of home fans, but thanks to your support, I was able to set a record.”

“It was a one-point save, and I had a hard game because I thought about what to do if I played a blon in front of the home fans,” he said. “I felt once again that each of the 400 saves was difficult.”

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