Join Igdrasil And BTS Gaming’s Latest Slot Launch Blackbeard Battle Of The Seas Battle

Famous iGaming publisher Igdrasil is partnering with famous Bulletproof Gaming to further expand its impressive portfolio and launch a new slot game Blackbeard Battle of the Seeds.

A thrilling battle on the high seas: 온라인경마

This 5×3 reel slot takes athletes on an exciting high-pollution adventure with huge risks and a huge prize in store.

Players find legendary treasures while confronting their enemies on the sea. There are 20 paylines in the slot, and the combination of great features and exciting gameplay ensures great fun and interest.

During the default game, players can find floating skull modifiers. Once the modifier lands, the player can earn Five of a Kind, Big Win, Super Wild, and even bonus games, greatly increasing the game’s chances of winning.

When the superwild appears on the reel, it grows to a height of up to three symbols and becomes a fully stacked symbol that can result in additional wins.

What is a sea battle that doesn’t sink a ship? Combat maintenance mode allows players to sink their opponents’ ships and acquire treasures located on them.

Wild determines the outcome of the battle. If Wild has a symbol of the opposite pirate, the cannon is fired. On the other hand, if the symbol has a black beard, the player’s cannon is fired. Each time you win an enemy, your reel multiplier increases by up to five times.

There is also a super spin mode that can replace three super spin tiles with super wilds, so the first, third, and fifth reels can be completely full of wilds. The player can get three or ten free spins, while the position remains the same.

GATI Support:

The game will be part of the popular YG Masters portfolio with the release of hits such as Diamond Symphony Double Max and Dragon Lower GigaRise.

Blackbeard Battle of the Seas is based on GATI, the company’s renowned technology that provides players with preconfigured custom development tools, which facilitates the production and integration of content, and makes it fast and easy to distribute.

Mark McGinley, Igdrasil’s chief gaming officer, said. “We will embark on another sandy beach adventure full of features, and invite all your rubberites to join us! Through its YG Masters offering, Blackbeard Battle of the Seas offers modifiers, stack symbols, and explosive battle mechanics to give players another fantastic gaming experience.”

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