It’s hard to go back to a pitcher who was struggling to deal with when he was in KIA…Suddenly ERA 4.91, set-up man project crisis in June

Kia recruited Adonis Medina (28) as its new foreign pitcher ahead of the 2023 season. However, it did not take long to conclude that the pitcher was “underachieving” that he was the starting pitcher. He did not have a bad pitch, but he lacked the capacity to manage the game. He also knew that his ball control and command was not good, but he failed to show anything to overcome this. 토토사이트 추천

Thus, Medina disappeared from the KBO after recording 2-6 losses with a 6.05 ERA in 12 games. Then, she signed a minor league contract with the Washington Nationals and went to the Triple-A Rochester Red Wings this season. However, Rochester did not see Medina as a starting pitcher.

When he played for Syracuse Mets in 2022, he was actually a bullpen pitcher. Still, it was not easy for Rochester to decide to let a pitcher who threw 106 games out of 157 Minor League games as a starter. However, when he opened the lid, he rebounded as a bullpen pitcher.

Medina had two wins and an earned run average of 2.45 in seven games in April and zero in two wins and an earned run average in nine games in May. Rather, throwing powerful innings highlighted her strength. Putting down the burden of control and game management, she became more efficient as she threw all of her energy.

Medina is clearly on shaky ground in June. In an away game against Triple-A Syracuse Mets in the 2024 Minor League held at NBT Bank Stadium in Syracuse, New York, he pitched as the second pitcher with two outs and one out in the bottom of the fifth inning when the game was tying 2-2. He became the losing pitcher by allowing two hits, three strikeouts, two walks and one run in the first ⅓.

Medina faced a crisis with one out and runners on first and third base with one out as her 92.4 miles of pitching on Ben Gamel rushed to the center. Her slider and change-up against Tracy Thompson made it to the center, which was dangerous. In the end, she struck out swinging with a curveball. Mike Bros. laid low pitch on his body to induce Mike Bros. to hit a grounder to shortstop.

Medina got off to a shaky start when she gave up a walk to leadoff hitter Ryan Thomas in the sixth inning. She struck out Pablo Reyes with a curveball, but faced a hit to left when a 92-mile sinker went into the middle. She gave up a walk to Luis Angel Acuna and the bases loaded with one out. She lost a point in vain after balking at the batter’s box Ryan Brennan. The score was the winning point, so Medina lost the game. Medina struck out Brennan with a curveball, but ended up in the middle again.

Medina made a lot of efforts to leave the results and get into the middle of the game. It is difficult to know the reason for the June slump only through this game, but the direction was clear. The ball is not very fast, so it seems that he needs to think about it continuously. His June performance was good with two losses and 4.91 ERA in five games. Still, he has won four games and lost two with a 1.95 ERA in 22 games this season.

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