What do you mean there’s no name for Ohtani in ‘150m Helplessness’… Who is the top 10 longest distance player in MLB history?

Shohei Ohtani (30) of the Los Angeles Dodgers also failed to make it into the top 10 when he hits a home run with a bullet-like speed. The Major League Baseball (MLB), where the world’s best baseball players gathered, was full of monsters as expected.

USA Today, a U.S. media outlet, highlighted the home runs with the longest distance ever through an article titled “Who is the hero of the Top 10 Longest Home Runs in MLB history?” on the 12th (Korea Standard Time).

According to media, legendary home run king Babe Ruth was ranked No. 1 in home run distance. Ruth hit a 575-foot (375-meter) mega home run in 1921. 토토사이트 추천

The runner-up was Mickey Mantle, the legendary player of the New York Yankees, who flew 565 feet (about 172.2 meters) in 1953. The runner-up was 539 feet (about 164.3 meters) recorded by Reggie Jackson, the “Mr. Oktober” in 1971.

Adam Dunn and Willie Stargell tied for fourth. Dunn hit 535 feet (about 163.1 meters) of home runs in 2004 and Stargell in 1978.

In sixth place was Dave Kingman’s 530 feet (about 161.5 m, 1976), Daryl Strawberry’s 525 feet (about 160 m, 1999), and Jim Tommy’s 511 feet (about 155.8 m, 1999).

The joint nine ear was 505 feet (about 153.9 m) recorded by noma mazara and mawbone. Vaughn was the only one of the ten men named mazara to record the distance in 2002 and 2019 during the statcast era (since 2015).

Mazara, who has 85 home runs in his career and only 20 home runs in a season, topped the top 10 long-distance shots in the Statcast era. Mazara hit a mega home run against the White Sox in Chicago on June 22, 2019, hitting the opponent in the right-hand stand of Globe Life Park, then the home ground of the Texas Rangers.

CJ Cron and Giancarlo Stanton tied for second place. Cron shot 504 feet (about 153.6 meters) of flying distance in 2022, and Stanton shot 504 feet (about 153.6 meters) in 2016. Coming in fourth was Christian Yelich, who hit a 499-foot (about 152.1 meters) home run in 2022.

Tied for fifth place was 496 feet (about 151.2 m) with a flying distance recorded by Jesus Sanchez (2022), Miguel Sano (2019) and Aaron Judge (2017).

Judge also hit a 495-foot homerun in 2017, ranking eighth. Five players including Judge, Ryan McMan (2022), Joey Gallo (2018), Miguel Sanó (2021), and Ronald Acuña Jr. (2020) tasted the 495-foot homeruns.

Ohtani’s personal longest home run, which failed to make his name in the top 10, was 493 feet (about 150.3 meters), 2 feet (about 0.6 meters) short of the top 10 record. When he was with the Los Angeles Angels, Ohtani hit a huge solo shot against the Arizona Diamondbacks on July 1 last year, which was also his longest home run of the 2023 season.

Having failed to make the top 10 list, Ohtani tied for fourth in the 2024 season’s longest home run list. Ohtani hit his 10th homerun of the season with a 464-foot (31.4 meters) long-range home run against the Atlanta Braves on May 6.

Only two players have hit home runs farther than Ohtani this season: Aaron Judge and Mike Trout. Both players tied for first with 473 feet (144.2 meters). Judge ranked third (467 feet, 142.3 meters) and tied for fourth (464 feet), ranking three among the top five.

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