Its a Korean Air temporarily recruits Murad from Pakistan

Men’s professional volleyball team Korean Air recruits Pakistan national team member Murad Khan (23).

Korean Air announced on the 22nd that it had recruited Murad Khan (registered name: Murad)

a Pakistani national who plays for a Bulgarian club (Neftochmik Burgas)

as a temporary replacement for Lincoln Williams (Australia)

who is recovering from an injury.

Murad, born in 2000, is a 205cm tall striker. His position is apogee spiker.

He has been selected as a member of the Pakistan age-group national team since 2018, and as an adult national team member in 2023 and participated in the Hangzhou Asian Games.

He played an active role as a key player for the team, showing off amazing decision-making skills in games against the Korean national team.

Currently, in the Bulgarian league, he is playing as a starting light for his team and maintains a high rank in all attack indicators.

Murad, who played his last game on the 19th, departed from Bulgaria (Sofia), passed through Turkye (Istanbul), and entered the country through Incheon International Airport at 2 pm on the 21st.

It is expected that participation in the game will be possible as soon as the issuance of the International Transfer Consent (ITC) is completed.

Lincoln experienced two combined wins while with Korean Air and entered his third season. 바카라사이트닷컴

However, he only played in 12 games this season due to a knee injury.

To make matters worse, due to a recent back injury, he has not been able to play since the Woori Card match on November 30th.

An official from the Korean Air team said, “We will spare no efforts and support to help Lincoln regain his normal condition,” and added

We plan to monitor his recovery and then decide whether to play the remaining games.”

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