“Internal FA 100% Crackdown” Hana OneQ, Quick Squad Cleanup… “Accelerating Reconstruction”

Hana OneQ succeeded in signing all three internal FA. Starting with Yang In-young, he signed FA contracts early with three net players, leading to Kim Si-on and Kim Dan-ah, quickly clearing the squad and crossing the first gateway to preparation for the next season.

Hana OneQ, which started improving its constitution two years ago by recruiting Kim Do-wan, who has a lot of experience in women’s basketball, experienced the disappointment of being at the bottom of the list again, but advanced to the playoffs with the joy of ranking fourth in the regular league last season.

He suffered a 0-3 sweep with Cheongju KB Stars, which was ranked first in the regular league, but it was talked about as the word “I did it without regret” that coach Kim told the players with a smile spread online at the time of operation at the end of the fourth quarter of Game 3.

It was a season where I could organize with hope rather than disappointment, along with advancing to the plop for the first time in four years after the 2019-20 season.

Hana OneQ, which started with the evaluation that it could possibly be at the bottom again, was the result of Yang In-young and Jung Ye-rim finally showing what fans and officials wanted.

And Hana OneQ, which succeeded in cracking down on internal FA faster than other teams, is on the verge of strengthening its power as rumors have been added that Jinan has been recruited from BNK in Busan. If Jinan actually joins the team, Hana OneQ can add inside depth at once.

Although the bleeding from the compensation player regulations will be clear, Jinan’s recruitment could be a plus factor in Hana OneQ’s current power. 토토사이트 순위

Hana OneQ, which has had a very difficult time over the past three years due to the absence of Kang Yi-seul, Kang Yu-rim, and the collapse of its organizational power, is in line with the keyword “reconstruction.”

Will they be able to stand tall as the winner of this FA market and step up? Many women’s basketball fans are drawing attention with Hana One Q.

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