Incognia CEO Speaks At Global Game Expo This Year

Today, Incognia, an innovator in Location Identification Solutions, announced that CEO and co-founder André Ferraz will make an announcement on combating cheating in iGaming at the Global Game Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas, Venice, on Oct. 10.

The gaming industry is growing fast, recently valued at more than $63 billion, with an estimated annual growth rate of more than 10%. But as fraud experts know, wherever there is an opportunity, there is always fraud. Account acquisition fraud accounts for more than $2 billion in annual losses for the iGaming industry, according to estimates. Incognia will join a panel of industry experts to discuss the impact of account acquisitions on the iGaming industry and what operators can do to provide account security and maintain player trust in this regulated environment. 파친코

André Ferraz, CEO and founder of Incognia, said, “iGaming is an explosive industry, and with it, fraud increases.” “At this critical time for iGaming in the United States, it’s important for operators equipped with tools specifically designed to detect and prevent fraud to tackle the challenges of threatening games. As a fraud prevention expert, we look forward to discussing account hijacking fraud with iGaming leaders and providing recommendations for operators to help protect both their players and profits from bad actors.”

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