“I’ll give my right arm for the team.” Brave rookie…But he aimed for the KBO presidency

Reporter Kwak Kyung-hoon] NC nominated Hwimoon High School Kim Hwi-gun in the first round at the ‘2024 KBO Rookie Draft’ held at the Westin Chosun Hotel in Sogong-dong, Seoul on the 14th.

Whimoon High School Kim Whimoon is the first son of Jung Yoon-sook, who played in the basketball festival and the WKBL.

Kim Hwi-gun, who wore an NC uniform, first encountered basketball, but soon changed his course to baseball. After playing at Cheonan Bukil High School, I transferred to Whimoon High School. 토토사이트

In nine high school games, he recorded an ERA of 2.12 with 17 hits, 48 strikeouts, and 21 walks in two wins, three losses and 34 innings.

In the commemorative photo taken after the end of the draft, all players wearing uniforms from 10 clubs appeared on stage. The top-ranked players took their seats in order.

Later on to the stage, Kim Hwi-gun tried to sit in an empty seat between Hwang Joon-seo, the first pick in the first round, and Kim Taek-yeon, the second pick. The center position was that of KBO President Heo Gu-yeon. The host quickly said, “That’s the president’s seat,” and quickly moved away.

His colleagues were happy with a big smile at Kim’s confident behavior.

Lim Sun-nam, head of NC, said of Kim Hwi-gun, “He is a special starter with excellent physical conditions, athletic ability, and explosive ball power. I think he’s a player who’s gone past his boundless potential. I think I will show fans throwing the ball on the mound at Changwon NC Park in the not-too-distant future,” he said.

Kim Hwi-gun, who wore an NC uniform, said, “I would like to thank NC officials for selecting me as the first “first player. I sincerely thank the chairman of Whimoon High School, the principal, director Oh Tae-geun, and the coaches who guided me until I stood here. And I want to say thank you so much to my parents who suffered the most. It wasn’t easy to stand here, but I came here because you believed and supported me. I love you.”

“Lastly, I was born in Changwon, started baseball in Changwon, and when I was young, I dreamed of becoming a baseball player while watching NC. Eventually, I came back to NC after going around. I will return the love that NC gave me 1,000 times. I’ll dedicate my right arm for NC. When I think of a club called NC in the future, I will make sure my name comes out. I want to help the team win the Korean Series,” he said, drawing the attention of participants and fans.

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