“If you’re going to do this, do it secretly”

The Chinese national team has already confirmed 26 players for the Asian Cup. As the Super League is over, all of the Korean teams have been conducting off-season training in Abu Dhabi for two weeks. At the Asian Cup, China was in Group A along with the host country Qatar, Tajikistan, and Lebanon. China is planning three friendly matches before the opening of the Asian Cup.

In a warm-up match held in the same place on the 26th, they defeated the UAE second division team 5-1. For China, Jang Yoon-ning scored the first goal 14 minutes after the start of the game. Later, Lin Liang-min scored two goals in the 21st and 22nd minutes of the first half. In the 31st minute of the first half, even Woo-rey, the star player, scored a goal.

China, which deployed a large number of promising players in the second half, allowed its first run at a counterattack in the 15th minute of the second half. China achieved a landslide victory as even Jang Sung-ryong scored one after another in the 27th minute of the second half. However, majority of watchers say that the UAE professional team is so weak that it does not have significant meaning to win or lose. However, Chinese media widely reported the Chinese team’s landslide victory.

On the other hand, Chinese national anthem team ace Wu Lei said, “The results of the friendly matches are meaningless. It’s only been one week since the training started. The first week is physically challenging. From next week, I will be able to achieve harmony between physical and technical skills,” without giving much meaning to victory in the warm-up match. 슬롯사이트 순위

Wu Lei’s prediction came true. In a match against the Omani team, not the second division team, China was completely defeated 0-2. The match was held in a closed preliminary match, so the details of the match were not known at all, but China lost the match as it gave goals to Arshad Al-Way in the fourth minute of the second half and Musen Gasani in the 20th minute of the second half.

China seems somewhat uneasy considering that Beijing is setting its goal of advancing to the quarterfinals at the upcoming Asian Cup. In fact, Oman held the event completely behind closed doors as an opponent team to prepare for Middle East teams such as Qatar and Lebanon, but it was completely defeated. In many ways, the result is nothing but sighing for Chinese soccer fans.

“China lost its last A match in 2023 to Oman. There was no broadcast of this match because it was closed to the public,” China’s Zubo Dotcom said. “China will now face Hong Kong on January 1.” Chinese soccer fans seem to have nothing more to be disappointed about after hearing the news.

A Chinese soccer fan who heard the defeat in the match against Oman said, “I did well in this game, too. I’m glad that it was held in private. I don’t know anything about the starting lineup or replacement, so I don’t know who the fans want to curse at.”

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