“I will adapt well to help KT lose 2 consecutive games”…Henry Ramos’s imposing aspirations

KT’s new foreigner Henry Ramos entered Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 on the afternoon of the 24th to join the spring camp.

“It’s a long journey, but I’m happy to play in Korea,” said Ramos, who is moving directly to the captain for his own attack. “I will do my best to adapt well and help KT win two consecutive games,” he said.

Henry Ramos, who appeared at the arrival gate around 5 p.m., appeared in blue jeans and a black T-shirt with a confident figure. I accentuated it with a red beanie. 토토

KT held Ramos for a total of USD 1 million (annual salary of USD 750,000 and incentives of USD 250,000). Ramos was named by the Boston Red Sox in 2010, and played for the Arizona Diamondbacks last year.

Ramos, who has the ability to produce doubles and line-drive hits with a switch heater, has a career record of only 0.200 with 10 hits and one home run in 18 games, but in the minor leagues, he played in 916 games with 80 home runs and 443 RBIs.

KT will start spring camp in Gijang-gun on February 3rd. Ramos, who arrived on the 24th, is also expected to be able to join the camp according to his schedule after quarantine.

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