“Completion of a reversal drama.”

Hong Ji-won won the come-from-behind victory with a birdie in the second round of the fourth round of the “DB Group 37th Korea Women’s Open Golf Championship” held at Rainbow Hills CC in Eumseong, Chungcheongbuk-do on the 18th.

Hong Ji-won shot a 1-under 71 in the final fourth round. He tied Madasom and Kim Min-byul with a final total of 12-under 276. Hong Ji-won, Madasom, and Kim Min-byul, who entered extra time, scored par at the same time and went to the second extension.

In the second extra time, Madasom’s ball flew into the left penalty area and was forced out of the race for the championship as a two-on failure.

Kim Min-byul’s tee shot fell to the best spot. But the second shot went to the back of the hole cup. With 147 meters left, Hong Ji-won’s second shot was placed on the left side of the hole cup. From a distance, Hong Ji-won clenched her fists and expressed her confidence.

As soon as Kim Min-byul prepared for the putter, Hong Ji-won’s caddy Kim Chang-joo set Hong Ji-won up by saying, “(Kim Min-byul) has a strong putt, so if you’re nervous, don’t turn around and watch it,” and patted her on the shoulder to relieve the tension.

Hong Ji-won, who found a little stability in her mind with caddie Kim Chang-joo’s advice, grabbed a 1m birdie, clenched her fists, and hugged the caddie enthusiastically, enjoying the joy of the second major queen in her life.

Hong Ji-won, who won her first major championship at the Hanwha Classic last year, secured 300 million won in prize money and a KLPGA Tour seed by 2016. 바카라사이트

Hong Ji-won said, “If the ball is on the fairway, I can attach it as close as I want, even if it is far away, and my advantage is that the ball does not go to a dangerous place.” He then expressed his ambition, saying, “The major tournament course is better than the easy course that everyone else plays well, and the goal is to win all major tournaments.”

Meanwhile, Madasom and Kim Min-byul, who protected Julgon players, finished tied for second, while Park Min-ji and amateur Kim Min-sol tied for fourth with a 9-under 279.

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