“I want to go to the championship game in 3 years” Re-signs with Hana OneQ, Kim Si-on’s sluggish goals

After becoming a free agent, Kim signed a contract with his original team Bucheon Hana One Q on Tuesday. He signed a three-year contract with a total of 140 million won (130,000 U.S. dollars) per year. Having been traded to Hana One Q ahead of the last season, Kim will play in a green uniform for three more seasons.

In a telephone interview with this newspaper, Kim said, “I came to Hana One Q through trade in September last year. I thought the team did not meet expectations as much as it wanted last season, but they liked it. So I renewed the contract with gratitude. They offered me better-than-expected conditions, so I had no difficulties in negotiating. I quickly reached an agreement through dialogue,” Kim said in his remarks on renewing the contract.

Last season, Kim had the best season of his career. After being traded to Hana One Q, Kim leaped to the starting lineup, and averaged 26 minutes and 42 seconds in 29 regular league games, recording career highs with 5.6 points, 3.6 rebounds, and 2.4 assists. With new faces including Kim Jong Un and Kim Si Un and existing members including Jihyun Shin and Yang In-young cheering up, Hana One Q has achieved success by advancing to the playoffs for the first time since its foundation.

“Honestly, I wasn’t very satisfied. It was hard for me to adjust to my role. While I was playing as a No. 3 (small forward), I scored as many points as I received, but I had to create an offense, so I had a lot of difficulties. At first, I thought a lot about ‘what am I doing?’ and ‘What am I supposed to do?’ The success rate of three-point shots decreased compared to the previous season, and I don’t think I played my role as a guard. Still, I think I gradually improved toward the end of the season,” Kim said.

There was a strong request from Kim Do-wan behind Kim Si-on’s trade to Hana One Q. Coach Kim Do-wan has been keeping an eye on Kim Si-on since he was a coach at Samsung Life Insurance in Yongin. Of course, he wanted to renew the contract, and as Kim Si-on stayed with the team, he was able to continue the relationship between the teacher and student.

Regarding this, Kim Si-on said, “I talked with the coach before the FA negotiations. He told me to play a real proper basketball here, not the one I used to play at BNK (Busan). It was great as a player to believe that. I signed the contract and contacted him, but he already knew, and he said let’s do well from now on.”

In this FA market, Hana OneQ has successfully cracked down on the house rabbit by renewing contracts with Yang In-young, Kim Si-on, and Kim Dan-ah. In addition, it is expected to recruit external FA. As it is certain that the team will increase, it is expected that it will be able to look higher next season. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

“What I am good at is important, but the team has to achieve good results,” Kim said. “My ultimate goal is to step up to the stage of the championship game. I really want to advance to the championship within three years. I will work hard so that I can go up one step at a time and make it to the championship game.”

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