“I thought youth were playing in adult games” …Contedo and Postecoglou all turn away

Sky Sports Italy reported on the 8th (Korea Standard Time) that Fiorentina is interested in recruiting Hill.

“As Hill’s contract remains two and a half years away, and his market value is around 16 million euros (about 23 billion won), Fiorentina will be interested in signing a lease,” he added.

Hill, who played for Sevilla, joined Tottenham Hotspur in the 2021-22 season. He was then forced to switch teams through a swap deal with Erik Lamela. The deal cost £21.6 million (W36.2 billion). They agreed to a five-year contract period. 슬롯사이트 추천

Tottenham was fascinated by Hill’s potential. With his excellent speed and personal skills that can sway more than one defender, Tottenham is considered a resource that will take responsibility for Tottenham’s future.

However, he failed to display remarkable performance. He played in 20 games in the first season, but most of them were substituted. As a result, he moved to Valencia for the winter transfer market.

It was similar in the following year. He played in only four Premier League matches. He was not a big part of the team. He is set to move to Sevilla once again.

He played a significant role in Sevilla. He had two goals and two assists in 17 La Liga matches, with 10 starting matches. He displayed robust performances amid high expectations for the 2023-24 season.

Hill, who left the club on loan for two seasons under Antonio Conte, started the season under Enzi Postecoglou. He could not play in the beginning of the season. It was due to injury. However, he naturally began to get opportunities as more and more injuries were added to his team along with his return from injury.

However, he still lacks performance in this season. He played in a total of nine matches, and only started in two matches. He expressed regret over his deployment of offense and defense, as he displayed unstable ball touch and made pass mistakes.

It seems that Hill has not yet adapted to the physical Premier League. In the meantime, it is rumored that Hill has developed his strength and physical fighting ability to adapt to the Premier League. Nevertheless, Hill’s weaknesses have not yet been erased.

“The match between Manchester City and Tottenham was a match of strength,” Jamie Carragher, a commentator on British media Sky Sports, said after the 14th round match against Manchester City. “That’s why Tottenham put Hoivier in place of Hill in the second half,” he said. “Hill looked like a boy who played in an adult’s game.”

Tottenham brought in Timo Werner. They succeeded in reinforcing the offense. Injured people are also expected to return in the second half. Hill’s position, which is not already significant in the team, is expected to narrow further. There is a possibility that he will leave the loan again this time.

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