Hwang Ui-jo’s sister-in-law pointed out the wrong person as a distributor…”I know your phone number”

It was confirmed that A, the brother-in-law of soccer player Hwang Ui-jo (31, Norwich City), who was accused of distributing illegal filming, pointed out the wrong person as the distributor, and the prosecution even investigated the reference, but no charges were found.

Putting together the coverage, his sister-in-law A pointed to the woman B as the distributor of the video, saying in a prosecution investigation in November, “There is a woman who knows Hwang Ui-jo’s house and cell phone password.” Based on A’s statement, the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office called B earlier this month to investigate the reference.

However, there were no charges related to the distribution of the video in the prosecution’s investigation, and B was not turned into a suspect. The prosecution rejected A’s claim and handed him over to trial based on evidence such as various social media accounts and e-mails. A’s first trial is scheduled to be held on the 8th of next month.

At that time, Daehwan was representing both Hwang, the accuser, and A, the suspect’s brother-in-law. After the indictment, the Daehwan submitted a resignation letter to the court in A’s case after the controversy over bilateral representation. The two-way representation is prohibited by the Lawyers Act because “there is a possibility of concealing the substantive truth in the investigation and trial process and there is room for conflict of interest.” 카지노사이트 순위

On the 14th, Daehwan, a law firm, issued a statement saying, “I was asked to be present for a temporary investigation into my brother-in-law at a time when Hwang Ui-jo, his family and his sister-in-law are denying the crime,” but explained, “I did not participate in the investigation (of A’s prosecution) because I thought there was a possibility of a conflict of interest. I make it clear that I have not provided any kind of assistance for my brother-in-law.”

Hwang, who initially proceeded with the complaint without knowing who the distributor was, filed a petition for punishment after learning that his brother-in-law was a suspect during the police investigation. In addition, he demanded that the victims who were filmed submit a petition for punishment.

According to the prosecution’s indictment, A posted Hwang’s sexual intercourse video on social media from May to June and threatened Hwang and the victim in the video by sending a message. The prosecution charged A with violating the Special Act on the Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes (Shooting, Anti-Spreading, Threatening the Use of Films, etc.) and the Act on Aggravated Punishment of Specific Crimes (Retaliation Threat, etc.).

Meanwhile, Hwang is also being investigated by the police for illegally filming the video distributed by the man. The police first investigated Hwang as a suspect on April 18 and notified him of his additional attendance on April 27, but Hwang, who is staying in the U.K., expressed his intention not to attend due to his club schedule. The investigation will be postponed until next year.

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