Hwang Ui-jo’s fall is unusual, even his humiliating performance…6 blush touches for 66 minutes. Even shooting is “Zero”

Hwang Ui-jo (31) of Norwich City is in serious trouble. He suffered from a variety of negative factors including his inclusion in the national team due to allegations of illegal filming and injury to his hamstring, but now his performance has significantly deteriorated. He even started the match against Southampton but was replaced without showing any presence at all. 온라인경마

Hwang started in the 26th round of the 2023-24 EFL Championship against Southampton held at Carrow Road in Norwich, England on the 2nd (Korea time), but was replaced first in his team at 21 minutes in the second half without an offensive point and finished the game. He has remained silent for four consecutive games since his return from injury.

Notably, his record on the day was humiliating. Even considering that he was a typical one-top striker, Hwang had to touch the ball six times while playing on the ground for 66 minutes, which was regrettable in many aspects. Among the players who started the match, Hwang was the only one who touched a single digit, and the gap was quite wide with Grant Hanley (32), the second fewest. Naturally, as he touched the ball few times, he connected the ball accurately by making only three attempts. He also failed to record a shot.

Hwang has hardly been able to change the mood not only on this day but also after returning from injury. He played as a substitute in both games immediately after returning from injury, but failed to accumulate offensive points in both recent games even after receiving a chance to start. Notably, he recorded only two mid-range shots outside the penalty box in the game against Millwall in the previous game, and bowed his head as he failed to record even one shot in the game against Southampton.

Joshua Sargent, who had replaced Hwang, scored a valuable equalizer just two games after his return from injury. Sargent is a key striker who scored 13 goals for Norwich City last season, and was out of the lineup due to a cruciate ligament injury before returning in four months. Due to his injury, he has four goals and one assist even after playing in six league games (four starts) this season. Hwang Ui-jo accumulated three goals and one assist in 17 matches (nine starts). This could send a red flag to Hwang’s starting position.

Indeed, bad news is adding to bad news. Hwang has been at the center of controversy as he was investigated for illegally filming sex with his ex-lover. As social repercussions have grown, he was eventually excluded from the national soccer team. The Korea Football Association has decided not to select Hwang for the national team until the investigation results are available. Hwang, who had been constantly called by Germany’s coach Jurgen Klinsmann since the launch of the Klinsmann team, failed to make the final list at the Asian Cup of the AFC. Klinsmann has only selected Cho Kyu-sung (Mitt Willan) and Oh Hyun-kyu (Celtic) as strikers.

In addition, he was hit by another unfavorable factor that left the team for nearly a month due to a hamstring injury, but only recently returned after rehabilitation. However, he has remained silent for four consecutive games, and has seen his performance deteriorate significantly, facing another unfavorable factor. Hwang’s Southampton rating was the second lowest in his team, with Huskored.COM 6.12 and Potmob 6.3. Defender Hanley, who made a fatal mistake that led to his loss, was the lowest, followed by Hwang.

Meanwhile, Norwich City allowed Adam Armstrong to lose the first point in the 25th minute of the second half, but Sargent’s equalizer tied Southampton 1-1. It has no win (one draw and two losses) in the recent three consecutive games. It has 35 points (10 wins, five draws and 11 losses) to rank 13th in the championship, continuing its tough promotion competition. Hwang Ui-jo transferred from Nottingham Forest to Norwich City on a season-long loan.

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