How Phil Ivey Won Second Title In Triton Poker London Series

Phil Ivey arrived in London with the goal of making an unforgettable mark on the Triton Poker series. After winning the $25,000 Short Deck Turbo event, he returned home with two more trophies, adding $280,500 to his poker vault. His win came four days after winning $1 million in a $62,400 buy-in turbo event. Ivey is now close behind Jason Koon, who won his ninth title in London this year, becoming a Triton poker player who finished second on the overall tally sheet.

“Love for the Game”
Ivey has had an amazing career in poker because she loves to play games. He developed his poker skills in the late ’90s in New Brunswick, New Jersey, competing with colleagues at telemarketing companies. As a teenager, he even earned the nickname “No Home Jerome” for playing card games in Atlantic City using fake IDs. His other nickname is “Poker’s Tiger Woods.” Many poker lovers regard Ivey as a world-class all-round player. He was also elected to the poker hall of fame in 2017.

The 10-time WSOP World Series of Poker bracelet is far from finished after winning Triton. He told commentators that because he loves to play games, he hopes to win several more awards and win first place in the Triton Poker series. 온라인경마

Kun and Ivy
Jason Koon and Phil Ivey were star players in the Triton Poker London series. Over the past six months, Kuhn has earned more than $8.8 million in the tournament and is in a virtual three-way tie with Daniel Negreanu and Stephen Chidwick. He is in top form enough to challenge Kenny-Bonomo for the top spot.

Meanwhile, Ivey proves a possibility for many poker players to stay on top. The poker world is constantly changing, but Ivey has always maintained his career prestige, competing for the highest stake in the world for 20 years.

The two poker legends have constantly improved their poker skills in every match. In every major poker tournament they participate in, fans are usually entertained by demonstrating exemplary skills and strategies to ensure they emerge from among the winners. But to achieve this perfection in poker requires constant practice. Fortunately, online casinos allow you to easily practice and play poker online in a comfortable place at home. Most of these sites also allow you to play physical poker and offer the best bonuses. Click here to learn more about our full guide to the top-rated online poker physical money sites.

Low number of entries in the tournament
Event #17, after attracting just 33 entries, was one of the smallest tournaments most poker watchers experienced, with 15 being re-entry entries. The prize money amounted to only $825,000, so it was not very attractive to the contestants.

The last day of the great series
Ivey joined the final table without a chip lead, but held second place with 74 ants. Danny Tang had the advantage of having 145 stacks. Tang performed amazingly, but he did not outperform the Poker Hall of Fame.

During the event, En Ewey became the first player to withdraw cash at the last table and walked home with $57,800. Taiha came in fifth and earned $74,200, Daniel DeVores came in fourth and received $94,900, and Steven Chidwick left with $123,800. After these four players checked out, only Ivy and Tang remained at the table.

When the preview play began, Ivy secured a 7-1 chip advantage. Therefore, he took no time to defeat his opponent and win a $280,500 prize. Tang earned $193,800 in second place. The competition was the second title of the Triton Poker London series, along with Ivy’s second and sixth place finishes.

Ivy the poker legend
Ivey has now earned more than $40 million in live poker tournaments. During his 20-year career in poker, he has participated in and won major poker tournaments such as WSOP, Triton, and WPT. Although he has many achievements in the poker tournament, Ivey continues to participate in more competitions. According to him, his passion for games makes him come back for more. This makes him a great source of inspiration for many upcoming professional poker players who regard him as the most decorated poker legend of our time.

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