“How desperately Boston needs Kim Ha-sung…” 50.7 billion won GG second baseman, but more than attack, “Defensive Fairy.”

The reason why the Boston Red Sox want Kim Ha-sung (28, San Diego Padres) is defense. Bleacher Report paired the best teams with players who entered the trade market on the 28th (Korea time). Kim Ha-sung’s best fit is Boston.

Bleacher Report said, “Since his dry performance in 2022, Kim has elevated his offense power to a higher level this season. His OPS of 0.749 is a new personal best, just like his 17 homers and 38 steals.” Starting this season, he became both an offense and defense pitcher and a central infielder. 안전한 파워볼사이트

Still, Bleacher Report said, “Kim Ha-sung is best at defense. He recorded OAA (out-count productivity versus average) of 8 as shortstop in 2022, and OAA 7 as second baseman this season, which has not been long since he won his first career Gold Glove.”

In the Major League Baseball, there are not many center fielders who can serve as both offense and defense players like Kim Ha-sung. He is young in age. His four-year contract with the San Diego Padres will end after 2024. He is expected to enter the 2024-2025 FA market without implementing the +1-year option. However, U.S. media outlets see that chances are high that the San Diego Padres, which is struggling with financial difficulties, will clean up Kim Ha-sung first.

After Xander Bogaerts moved to the San Diego Padres, Boston’s center field weakened. According to Bleacher Report, OAA, the team’s second baseman, was -13 and OAA, the team’s shortstop, was -3 this season. This means that the outcount productivity of center fielders has not been averaged in the league.

Boston can try to make a trade deal considering San Diego and Kim Ha-sung’s environment and circumstances. The only point is before or after the official opening game of Gocheok on March 20th to 21st next year. Bleacher Report said Lee Jung-hoo’s San Francisco Giants and Cleveland Guardians are the best teams for Kim Ha-sung after Boston.

Blitzer Report said, “28-year-old Kim Ha-sung will improve his defense for any team, but when you look at the OAA, you can see how badly Boston needs him. He will be with Trevor Story in 2024, but he will be in charge of the other spot with the Kim Ha-sung trade, and when his contract ends after the 2024 season, it will coincide with the time when top prospect Marcelo Meyer comes up.”

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