Hanwha paid 48.6 billion won to Daejeon City for ‘ML-class stadium in 2025’…Signing a contract for the use of a new stadium

Hanwha Eagles said on the 23rd, “We signed a use and profit contract with Daejeon Metropolitan City on the 22nd for the new stadium, Baseball Dream Park (tentative name).”

Hanwha Group, including Hanwha Eagles, will pay a total of 48.6 billion won to Daejeon City and hold the right to use the stadium, naming rights, and advertising rights. Hanwha Eagles will use Baseball Dream Park, which is scheduled to open in the 2025 season, for 25 years until the 2049 season.

Hanwha Eagles CEO Park Chan-hyuk said, “Hanwha Eagles has been working with Daejeon City to make the new stadium a 365-day cultural space for Daejeon citizens and a future-oriented and differentiated stadium representing Korean professional baseball. We thank Daejeon City for accepting the club’s various proposals, and we will make every effort to prepare the club for the rest of the year until the opening.”

Hanwha Eagles proposed a basic design revision to Daejeon City for more than 100 items to implement asymmetry tailored to the home friendly concept and improve the convenience of players, fans, and citizens. As Daejeon City has proactively accepted almost all of them, a new stadium that has not been seen in the KBO league has been created, including the first double-decker bullpen in Asia and Infinity Pool. 파친코

Daejeon Hanwha Life Eagles Park, currently used by Hanwha Eagles, is the oldest stadium among the 10 home stadiums in the KBO League. It opened in 1964 and marks the 60th anniversary this year.

Although it is a stadium with a long history, the need for a new stadium has been steadily raised due to the aging of the facility. As a result, Daejeon City has decided to build a baseball dream park, and construction is underway to use it from the opening game in 2025.

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