FanDuel Sportsbook Agrees To Pay $82,610 Under System’s “Glitch”

FanDuel’s New Jersey sportsbook had a major error in its system, which lasted 18 seconds, eventually leading to a payment of $82,610. FanDuel refused to pay the jackpot to Anthony Prince, the betting party, but after three days of deliberation, the sportsbook paid Prince the full amount.

In Week 2 of the NFL season, the Denver Broncos trailed the Oakland Raiders 12-0 at halftime. The Broncos were able to rebound and score a game-winning 36-yard field goal. Denver kicker Brandon McManus had a field goal with just six seconds left to win the game.

The final 2-second field goal to win the game is pretty big, but it wasn’t the best story about this NFL game. Anthony Prince and the bet he placed on this matchup have already sparked controversy in the recently released New Jersey Sportsbook. The sportsbook had been attempting to update live odds throughout the game, which led to a glitch in the system. The flaw eventually updated the odds to provide a 750-1 chance to win the game after the Broncos made a 36-yard field goal attempt.

When Prince saw these probabilities, he did not waste time and invested $110 in the Broncos to win. The probability should have been -600, not +75,000. Prince would have won $18.35 under the correct probability, but instead he won $82,610 from the probability given by the defect.

Since the bet was won by the wrong chance, when Prince went to collect his jackpot, Fan Duel did not give him $82,610. Sportsbook then offered him $500 and skybox tickets for three of the New York Giants’ home games this season. Prince quickly received help from an attorney and the New Jersey Gaming Department regarding his case. 슬롯머신

“The bet in question is related to an apparent price error unintentionally caused by the in-game pricing system. Specifically, by the end of Sunday afternoon’s game between the Denver Broncos and the Oakland Raiders, the Broncos (who were trailing by two points with the ball at the time) had a +340 chance of winning (we bet $100 to win $340). On the next play, the Broncos clearly named the Broncos the favorite, completing a 26-yard pass that allowed them to attempt a 36-yard field goal to take the lead in the final seconds of the fourth quarter. At that moment in the game, our system updated the odds, misposting a $75,000 price on the Broncos to win the game when the Broncos had an accurate probability of winning -600 (i.e., winning $100 by betting on $600). A handful of bets were made at the wrong price for 18 seconds. We respected everything we bet on the Broncos to win the game at the correct market price in accordance with house rules and industry practices that specifically addressed such obvious price errors. We contacted all affected customers and apologized for the error.”

FanDuel agreed to pay Prince $82,610 from his long-shot mistake and will aim to put the situation behind them. The sportsbook later came with a statement like this.

“First of all, sports betting is going to be fun. Some customers didn’t this weekend because of a price error. The bettors offered a 750-1 dividend for 18 seconds to convert a 36-yard field goal into a success for the Denver Broncos. The success probability for a 36-yard field goal is about 85%, so the astronomical probability presented for something that is likely to happen was a very obvious price error. This kind of problem, though rare, does happen. We have a clear house rule for how such an obvious price error is handled, which is to pay the winner the exact price.

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