During the WC qualifying round, he flipped over. “Park Hang-seo, who bothered us, is in a real emergency when he goes to Singapore.”

China’s “Zvo Dotcom” quoted Tianjin media on the 30th (Korea time), saying, “Singapore, the opponent of the March A match, chose a secret move at stake for the Chinese national soccer team,” adding, “It is appointing Park Hang-seo, a master who caught China as the Vietnamese national team.”

Coach Park Hang-seo led the Vietnamese national team from 2017 to January this year. Having made numerous achievements, Park gained huge recognition by being called “Sal-Dink” in Vietnam. As he led the heyday of the Vietnamese national team, he made a strong impression on the entire Southeast Asian soccer team.

Several Southeast Asian teams are sending love calls to coach Park Hang-seo, who has such a brilliant career. In particular, if there is a vacancy in the Southeast Asian national team, Park Hang-seo’s name is unconditionally mentioned as the first candidate for replacement.
In fact, the Thai national team, which had several showdowns with Vietnam, also reportedly considered appointing coach Park Hang-seo. After losing to China 1-2 at home in the first round of the World Cup qualifying round, Thailand replaced Aleksandro Paul King before recruiting Ishii Masitada. 스포츠토토

Although Masitada, a technical advisor to the Thai Football Association, was finally appointed, coach Park Hang-seo was also mentioned as a strong candidate. Considering the connection between Thai and Japanese soccer, the fact that Korean national coach Park Hang-seo was mentioned as a strong candidate shows his position.

Singapore, which belongs to Group C of the second qualifying group for the 2026 FIFA World Cup North Korea-China Asian region following Thailand, is also considering appointing Coach Park Hang-seo. Group C includes South Korea (two wins), Thailand-China (one win and one loss), and Singapore (two losses). In the March A match, South Korea and Thailand, China and Singapore will play two consecutive home matches, respectively.
Singapore’s defeat in the match against Thailand (lost 1-3) followed by an away defeat of Korea (0-5), heralding a major change. “Singapore is considering replacing Takayuki Nishitani after the match against Thailand (lost 1-3), Zubo Dotcom said. “Singapore is ranked fourth as the weakest team in the group, but it is preparing to change its coach with determination to do its best.”

The media reportedly said, “The Singapore Football Association has contacted Park Hang-seo directly. Looking at the situation in Group C, Singapore will unconditionally try to get a point against China in the A match in March,” adding, “If coach Park Hang-seo goes to Singapore in this situation, the Chinese national team cannot be careless.”
The reason is simple. Coach Park Hang-seo led Vietnam to a 1-3 defeat to China in the 2022 World Cup qualifying round. At that time, the Chinese soccer team was in the worst situation as it was completely defeated by Coach Park Hang-seo during the Lunar New Year, the country’s largest holiday. He has never forgotten that nightmare.

Coach Park Hang-seo has emerged as the best answer for the Southeast Asian team against China. “If the Singaporean national team appoints Coach Park Hang-seo, it will be a completely different game from the previous one,” Zvo Dotcom stressed. “We must not forget our defeat to Vietnam in the last World Cup qualifying round.”

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