Does that mean that almost all addicts have excluded themselves from gambling?

Gambling, one of the most widespread addictions, has many ways to reduce it. One of the most popular government measures in the state with a fully regulated gambling sector is to provide a self-exclusion system. Adding yourself to these lists will automatically exclude gamblers from entering official land-based and digital gaming venues.

Self-denial registration began in Latvia on January 1 of the previous year, and within that year, the system received 14,620 requests. Interestingly, the plan came from a study by the Health Ministry that reported about 16,000 addicts in the country in 2019. 파친코

It can be assumed that more than 90% of Latvian gambling addicts are on the path of a healthy revival, but this may be far from true. Thus, the majority of addicts are still far from fully understanding the risks of addiction and can ignore self-denial schemes. It is also important to understand that these blocking tools can still be overcome through technical features such as using VPN services.

In this case, another study on gambling addiction should be conducted to tell the specific effectiveness of the system. But there is no doubt that the tool has become a useful option, especially during the coronavirus crisis. In response, Lotte Lease and Sain Byrne, the head of the Gambling Supervisory Board, confirmed the importance of self-exclusion tools and acknowledged that they were just one of the ways to solve gambling addiction.

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