‘Daddy Chance Controversy in Sweden’…Sweden ‘best legend’ central to controversy, who? Why?

At the center of the controversy is Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the greatest striker in Swedish football history. He played for big clubs such as Barcelona, Inter Milan and Manchester United and was considered one of the best strikers in the world, and recently retired from active duty.

Ibrahimovic is a Swedish legend himself. He played 122 A matches in the Swedish national team uniform. The record is sixth in Sweden’s history. The goal is, as expected, the number one in history. Sweden’s national team Ibrahimovic scored a total of 62 goals.

Ibrahimovic was caught up in the “dad chance” controversy because his second son Vincent Ibrahimovic was selected for Sweden’s U-15 national team. It wouldn’t have been a problem if you looked like your father and showed your best talent, but you might have been cheered, but there are also negative views toward Vincent.

Britain’s “Daily Mail” said, “Vincent Ibrahimovic, son of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, was recently selected for the Swedish under-15 team for the first time. The December training program will be held for the players selected for the U-15 national team. Vincent plays as a central midfielder for AC Milan youth. There is also a controversy over this,” he reported.

Under-15 coach Axel Kael Swedon welcomed Vincent. “I watched Vincent’s game on video. Vincent is a player with strong passes. He showed his ability to get his direction on the field. He is a central midfielder who finishes well.”

I couldn’t help but be conscious of the controversy over my dad’s chance. Kael said, “His father is one of the greatest players in Swedish history. “It is the first time that Vincent has been selected for the U-15 national team, and I know that there has been a controversy over Vincent’s selection,” he said. 토토사이트

Former Swedish national team coach Janne Andersson looked at it negatively. He refused to compare Vincent and Zlatan at all.

“I’ve met Vincent, but I’ve never seen him play. Therefore, I can never evaluate Vincent. Also, do not compare zlatan with Vincent. It’s really not fair,” he said.

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