Chris Moneymaker Plays Strong in Global Poker League

Since turning the world of poker upside down with a monumental victory at the 2003 World Poker Series main event, Chris Moneymaker has come as a representative of “everything under the sun,” as he put it

To his credit, the moneymaker was very selective in deciding what he actually named, and the discipline helped for a variety of reasons.

“I’ve heard so many horror stories,” said the 40-year-old moneymaker, who still lives in Memphis with his wife, Christie, and three children. “Luckily, I avoided the trap of joining some businesses that I would have regretted. I had the opportunity to participate in Full Tilt and rejected it because of the good relationship I had with . There were many other cases and I was able to avoid the bad for the most part.”

So, when Moneymaker signed a two-year contract to become one of the 12 team managers in the new Global Poker League (GPL), you can be sure it was done at excessive discretion. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

With the first annual GPL draft scheduled for Feb. 25 in Los Angeles, Casino City spoke at length with Moneymaker in the minutes after the draft order was selected Tuesday to discuss its involvement in the new venture, why it thinks it can succeed, and how it plans to build a roster for the Las Vegas Moneymaker.

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