China criticizes US-Japan summit, claiming it undermines regional security.

China has criticized the upcoming trilateral summit between the United States, South Korea, and Japan at Camp David in the United States, saying it is an attempt to create a small North Atlantic Treaty Organization in Northeast Asia.

“The meeting is likely to signal the establishment of a military cooperation system among the three countries,” the state-run Huangguoshibo said in an editorial.

“Although the US, Japan, and South Korea are ostensibly flying the banner of responding to the ‘growing nuclear threat from North Korea,’ the US has been eager to establish a small NATO-style trilateral military alliance in Northeast Asia,” the newspaper explained.

“The historical conflict between South Korea and Japan made trilateral military cooperation impossible in the past, but after Yun Suk-yeol’s government came to power, the U.S. did its best to get South Korea to make concessions to Japan and touted the reconciliation of South Korea and Japan as a fundamental change.”

“In order to keep China in check, the U.S. is trying to intervene more in Asia-Pacific regional affairs,” Liu Qiao, a researcher at the Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences in China, 카지노사이트넷 told the Global Times. “Such military and security interventions will worsen the regional situation and increase the risk of disputes and conflicts.”

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