“Center Line” performance ahead of the showdown with the leading LG is key

KT will face LG in three consecutive games during the week of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League, which will be held at KT Wiz Park in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province, for three days from the 5th. Currently, the gap between KT and LG is 5.5 games, and depending on the results of the three consecutive games, it may narrow to a maximum of 2.5 games. In this case, the lead fight becomes a chaotic pattern again.

However, KT gave up all three consecutive games against Kiwoom last weekend, putting the brakes on its relentless move. If it leads to a “aftermath,” it could jeopardize not only the lead challenge but also the second place. This is because the gap with the third-place SSG Landers is only two games apart.

It is not easy to predict victory or defeat as the two teams are on the verge of losing this season with 5 wins and 5 losses. From KT’s point of view, shortstop Kim Sang-soo and catcher Jang Sung-woo’s performance seems important. Both of them play a key role in offense and defense, although they don’t stand out. 토토사이트

Coincidentally, both Kim Sang-soo and Jang Sung-woo were out of a three-game series against Kiwoom last weekend. Kim Sang-soo went down to the second division after suffering an ankle sprain a week ago, and Jang Sung-woo was excluded from the lineup to control his condition, although it was not a special injury. KT has already played the season at a time when there are many injuries, but the gap between the two was quite large. This was even more so in that the defensive positions were shortstop and catcher.

Kim Sang-soo, who wore a KT uniform as an FA before the season, is playing like Altoran. He has batted .271 with 42 RBIs in 101 games so far. He started in the lower batting order and played his part in the first and second roles after the middle. He played only second baseman for a few seasons just before the transfer, but KT also took charge of shortstop defense again and confirmed that he was in good shape.

Catcher Jang Sung-woo is also indispensable in KT. KT is a veteran catcher with a considerable stake in setting up a strong mound. In addition to ace Ko Young-pyo, KT pitchers such as foreign Benjamin and Cuevas, young Bae Je-sung, Um Sang-baek and Park Young-hyun have high trust in Jang Sung-woo. He is also a catcher with a “one-shot” at-bat, recording nine home runs and 52 RBIs. Kim Sang-soo and Jang Sung-woo, who have been away for a while, are likely to operate normally in three consecutive games against LG.

KT plans to register Kim Sang-soo in the first division this week, and Jang Sung-woo took a break in the first place, so there is no problem in playing immediately. If his condition is not too bad, it is the same power as “Cheongunmanma” for KT. KT, which started at the bottom and has risen to the top spot, will it be possible to defeat the leading LG by adding the strength of Kim Sang-soo and Jang Sung-woo who returned.

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