Casino City Launches North American Gaming Almanac

According to the 2011 edition of Casino City’s North American Gaming Almanac and CD released today by Casino City Press, gaming sales in the U.S. dropped 3.15% in 2009 to a total of $88.24 billion. The Almanac contains more than 600 pages about the North American gaming market, with market profiles for each state and Canadian province, as well as nearly 1,000 sales charts and tables.

It also includes a ranking of attributes, which lists the top attributes by game activity and attribute type, as well as the number of game positions, machines, table games, and hotel rooms. Each game market profile includes a legislative overview, 2009 game revenue figures by type (commercial games, Indian game lottery, etc.), total game revenue figures by multiple states, number of game attributes, number and distribution of machine and table games, game attribute profiles by type and location, property owner profiles, and regulators.

“The North American gaming almanac is particularly helpful in getting a comprehensive view of the ever-changing gaming industry. The way the data is displayed allows for such a wide range of uses that financial analysts, game analysts, market research consultants, casino operators, industry providers, regulators, libraries, and universities all find that almanac promotes their efforts,” says Kelly Johnson, a casino city gaming analyst. “The range of uses ranges from developing benchmarks to analyzing competitors and industry trends.” 온라인경마

Key Results From Casino City’s North American Game Almanac: Across the United States and Canada: • Casino and cardroom games accounted for 47% of total North American game sales, lottery games accounted for 24%, tribal games 26%, and race and sports betting 3%. • Revenue from tribal games and lottery games fell slightly by 0.88% and 0.93%, respectively, while revenue from casino and cardroom games fell by 5.78%.

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