Bill Casino Charges Australian Regulators For Attracting Players With Unauthorized Junkets; Leaf Casino Fines $10K In Separate Investigation

Bill Casino in Townsville, north Queensland, will face hefty fines from the Liquor and Gaming Regulatory Agency (OLGR), known as Australia’s Liquor and Gambling Regulatory Agency, for “using unapproved junkets to lure gamblers to the table after a nine-month investigation.”

As the joint investigation with law enforcement and regulators in NSW and Queensland, which began in September 2019, was concluded, a lawsuit seeking civil penalties for casinos in Queensland was filed in federal court, suspending Star Casino licenses and imposing $100 million fines for violations of compliance. 온라인카지노

In addition, Star will also face a 90-day suspension of its remaining two casinos licenses if it fails to improve and reform until December 2023.

Another Queensland casino, Leaf Hotel & Casino in the city of Cairns, was also formally fined $10,000 after an investigation found it guilty of “violation of casino control laws against junkets that were not approved after a separate investigation.”

In a related development, a spokesperson for the Liques and Gaming regulations said: “The statutory results for Leaf Hotel casino operators inform the approach Queensland casinos can expect from OLR if operators do not meet the requirements under the law.”

State authorities have selected special managers to ensure reforms are introduced to ASX-listed companies in Queensland.

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