Better Launches Ping Pong Point Live Stream With 700 Betting Events per Month

BETER, which has a reputation as a state-of-the-art betting products and data provider, is incorporating the Ping Pong Point tournament into its ever-growing network of livestream events, providing additional opportunities for betting companies and sports fans.

Table tennis is a little different from table tennis because players have to win two of the three sets to win the game. Table tennis also has 11 points and stricter rules that can cause frequent disturbance, while each set has 21 points. As a very dynamic game, table tennis is now gaining an increasing amount of attention worldwide. Better seems fully aware of this trend and is currently trying to visually participate in two table tennis tournaments and benefit from about 700 matches per month by inviting bettors.

Leading Sports Betting Data Provider Launches Ping Pong Point Feature In Partnership With Ukrainian Table Tennis Federation. Under the partnership, Better will provide its operator partners and customers with data and odds on more than 20 matches per day and a tournament featuring skilled and experienced table tennis players, along with their respective livestreaming services. With this offering, betting companies can find a winning opportunity through an ongoing and dynamic gaming experience and have a lot of fun in the process. 바카라사이트

At the same time, Ping Pong Point products are positioning BETER as a leader in live table tennis tournaments covering Indian, Colombian, and Serbian markets through partnerships with national federations, with other markets to be added soon.

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