Baseball, are played in a field where two teams of nine players each place four white bases in a diamond. Teams alternate between batters and fielders, exchanging seats when the three batting teams are “out” As batters, players hit the ball out of the reach of the defensive team and try to turn around the base completely to “run” The team with the most runs in nine innings wins. Baseball is traditionally considered a national pastime in the United States. It was once thought to have been invented in 1839 by Abner Doubleday of Cooperstown, New York, but baseball is more likely to have developed from an 18th-century English game called the Rounders, adapted by Alexander Cartwright. 온라인경마

The first professional association was established in 1871 and became the National League in 1876. The rival American League was founded in 1900, and since 1903, the winning teams of each league have played the postseason championship known as the World Series. The Baseball Hall of Fame is located in Cooperstown. Professional baseball leagues also exist in some Latin American countries. League champions from the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela compete in the Caribbean Series every February. In Asia, there are professional baseball leagues in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. In Japan, two major leagues, Central and Pacific, face off in the Japanese Series every October.