LG Spring Camp, which is like Marine Corps Camp, “Coach, please save me!”

LG pitchers Kim Yoon-sik and Sung Dong-yeon cried at the “2023 Spring Camp” held at the San Francisco Giants Baseball Complex in Scottsdale, Arizona, the U.S. on the 2nd (Korea Standard Time).

The pitchers warmed up with a simple stretch during the training that began at 10 a.m. And I started running after warming up with a simple catch ball.

After a little rest after running, they gathered on the mound again. I started training in defense. I trained first base cover and second base cover. Under the leadership of coach Kyung Hyun-ho and coach Kim Kwang-sam, the players seriously practiced.

And Kim Yoon-sik and Sung Dong-yeon, who made the most mistakes, remained on the mound. The rest of the players moved for lunch. The coaches put their legs up for the two players sitting in front of the mound. Then I put a glove on my shoes and got a hat on it.

Kim Yoon-sik and Sung Dong-yeon did not show any difficulties at first. As time passed, the bridge gradually came down, and the bridge trembled. Coach Kim Kwang-sam and coach Kyung Hyun-ho approached the players and urged them to raise their legs. The players answered, but they couldn’t raise their legs easily.

The players shouted “Save me, coach!” and asked for help. The coaches naughtyly said, “Let’s hang in there a little longer” in front of the players.

After a while, coach Kim Kwang-sam and coach Kyung Hyun-ho laid down their legs and lay on the floor as soon as they said, “No more.” At the Arizona camp, the players carried out the toughest penalties of any training. 토토

The faces of the two players are heating up like the intense sun of Arizona in the U.S.

Kim Yoon-seok and Sung Dong-yeon continued their afternoon training with the pitchers after dinner.

Meanwhile, Kim Yoon-sik will wear the number 47, the back number of his usual idol, retired LG Sanghoon Lee. Kim Yoon-sik, who joined the team in 2020 and wore the number 57 in the second half of the 2022 season, asked Cha Myung-seok, LG’s general manager, to wear the number 47, and Sanghoon Lee ago, he asked LG if he could wear the number 47 and got permission.


KT defeats Kyung Hee University by 19 points in ‘first non-season practice game’

KT showed a clear advantage in height.

In a practice match between 안전카지노사이트 Suwon KT Sonicboom and Kyunghee University on the 27th. The day KT Victorium won KT 72-53.

KT, who had the upper hand, blocked Kyunghee University’s attack from the beginning. Lee Doo-won actively participated in the withdrawal and kept KT under one block. In the attack, Jung Sung-woo made a breakthrough in driving to a foul, and the game was played at a fast pace through a quick attack. Kim Jun-hwan also managed to score in various ways, such as breaking layup, 3 points, and shooting under the goal. Kyung Hee University launched an attack with Hwang Young-chan at the front, and KT seemed to be hesitating on the screen of Kyung Hee University for a while.

But starting with Han Hee-Won’s quick attack lineup, Ildefonso hit the goal with Trump’s game, and KT increased its energy. After that, he made a sale, but he solved it by actively participating in the revival. On the other hand, Kyung Hee University tried to score 3 points several times, but suffered from field hunting and couldn’t find a way to attack. KT reached the top of 36-29 in the first half.

In the second half, KT still held the right to supply. Doo-Won Lee showed high jumping ability and stopped Kyunghee University’s attacks with blocks in a row, and Chang-Jin Choi and Jun-hwan Kim showed a two-man game. Kyung Hee University tried to block KT with a switch, but Jung Sung-woo and Choi Seong-mo broke through and played an active role inside and outside. KT left 58-34 and finished third quarter.

By the end of the game, both teams had been pressing each other with close defense. Kyung Hee University was followed by Kim Soo-oh. Kim Soo-oh played an active role in attacking and defending with a goal below the goal and an offensive rebound after a high success rate of three points. However, Lee Ho-jun and Ildefonso have reopened the gap with the foreign weapons. Kyung Hee University fought against frequent sales, and KT, which developed an attack on even rotation, won.


The Benefits of Martial Arts for Exercise

Martial arts have long been recognized as a great way to improve physical fitness and mental discipline. Not only do they provide an excellent means of exercise, but they also offer a variety of other physical and mental benefits that can help people in all aspects of life. In this article, we will take a look at some of the benefits of martial arts and how they can help you improve your overall fitness and wellness. Martial arts can be a great way to improve your physical and mental fitness. Not only can 토토 they help you improve your physical strength and endurance, but they can also help you to improve mental discipline and self-defense skills. Additionally, martial arts can often provide an enjoyable and social atmosphere that can help to reduce stress levels and improve overall mental health. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to improve your physical and mental fitness, then martial arts may be a great way.

  1. Martial arts can be a great way to get fit and stay in shape. Many martial arts forms require a significant amount of physical strength and endurance, which can help you develop strong muscles and help you lose weight. In addition, martial arts can also be an excellent way to increase flexibility, balance and coordination. All of these physical benefits will help you stay healthy and look your best.
  2. Martial arts can also be a great way to improve mental discipline. Martial arts are often accompanied by a set of values and principles that help to promote mental discipline, focus and self-control. These principles can help you stay motivated and on task, even when things get tough. In addition, martial arts can also help to improve concentration and increase your capacity for learning new skills.
  3. Martial arts can provide an enjoyable and social atmosphere. Many forms of martial arts involve sparring, which can provide a great way to build camaraderie and a sense of community. Additionally, martial arts can often be taught in groups, which further encourages sociability. This camaraderie can help to reduce stress levels and improve overall mental health.
  4. Martial arts can also be an excellent way to defend yourself. Most forms of martial arts involve some kind of self-defense technique, which can help you protect yourself if ever you find yourself in a situation where you may need to defend yourself. This can provide an additional layer of security, especially if you are often in potentially dangerous situations.

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a fantastic way to get in shape, learn self-defense, and have fun all at the same time. Combining elements of various martial arts disciplines, MMA is a combat sport that involves striking and grappling techniques. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has a rich history that dates back centuries. It draws from the disciplines of various martial arts from around the world, including Muay Thai, Karate, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, and Taekwondo. MMA combines these disciplines, as well as boxing and wrestling, to create a unique and exciting combat sport. The techniques used in MMA are varied and incorporate strikes, takedowns, submission holds, and even ground fighting.

The rules of MMA vary depending on the promotion and the organization, but generally speaking, all sanctioned MMA bouts are governed by the same basic rules and regulations. MMA fighters must wear approved safety gear and use approved techniques. The bouts are overseen by a referee, who is responsible for ensuring that the competitors follow the rules and do not engage in any illegal, unsportsmanlike, or dangerous behavior. MMA is an excellent form of exercise and physical training. It increases strength and flexibility, improves self-defense skills, as well as confidence. Training in MMA can help to build mental and physical endurance and give practitioners a sense of discipline and respect for their opponents. MMA is an incredibly rewarding sport and a great way to stay in shape. 온라인카지노

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) involves a combination of striking and grappling techniques from different martial arts disciplines. To be successful in this sport, you’ll need to know the common techniques and rules. You’ll need to learn the basics of striking and grappling, as well as basic MMA rules such as the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts and the Unified Rules of Amateur Mixed Martial Arts. Striking techniques include punching and kicking, while grappling techniques include takedowns, throws and submission holds. You’ll also need to understand the concept of rounds, time limits and scoring systems. Rounds are typically three minutes long, with a one-minute rest in between. Time limits are usually 10 minutes for amateur fights and 15 minutes for professional fights. Scoring systems include points awarded for effective strikes, grappling and control of your opponent. Be aware of the referees, judges and other officials. The referee is in charge of making sure that the fighters follow the rules and to ensure the safety of the fighters. The judges are responsible for scoring the fight by awarding points for effective strikes, grappling and control. Other officials may also be present including a doctor, cornermen and timekeepers. It’s important to familiarize yourself with all of the rules and regulations to be successful in MMA.

Increased Strength and Flexibility
MMA is an excellent way to boost your strength and flexibility. Not only will you be able to hone your technique in the ring or cage, but you’ll also be able to develop your strength and flexibility in ways that you wouldn’t be able to do just by using traditional weight lifting..

Improved Self-Defense and Confidence
MMA is a great way to improve your self-defense skills and boost your confidence. This martial art combines elements of different disciplines, such as boxing, kickboxing, and even wrestling, giving you an effective set of tools to protect yourself if things get dangerous. It can also help you master the mental aspects of self-defense by teaching you to stay calm and in control of your emotions in the face of a potential threat.


Moscow Broomball

Moscow broomball is a variation of Broomball, a team sport similar to ice-hockey, that is played on an ice surface without skates. The sport is played only in Moscow and only by non-Russians. The sport is played on tennis courts that have water frozen on top. The playing area is cleared of snow and is usually collected on the side to form a barrier. Makeshift goalposts are erected on both the ends. Unlike hockey, players do not wear any skates to play broomball. Players use sticks to move the ball, but the sticks used are much smaller, and are wielded using a single hand. The sticks are fastened to the player’s hand using a band. The ball used is a small plastic ball. A match is played between two teams with six players on each team, for three 20-minute periods. One player per team is designated as a goalkeeper, who does not use a stick, and is always supposed to be in a kneeling position. Players are not allowed to use their hands to move the ball, but are allowed to stop it with their hands. The team with most goals at the end of the match wins it. Broomball is regarded by spectators as a funny sport where players slip and fall very frequently. 온라인카지노

Broomball is played on a tarmac tennis court that has been flooded with water and allowed to freeze. Snow that falls on the court is pushed to the sides to create a bank that helps to contain the ball. Fenced tennis courts are preferred for the same reason, but not all courts in Moscow have this amenity. Goals of wood and wire-mesh are erected at each end of the court and a centre-spot for restarting after a goal is provided. The balls used in Moscow broomball are small soft plastic children’s balls, slightly larger than a tennis ball. Players wear protective gear to cushion falls onto the ice, mostly equipment intended for ice hockey. Padded shorts, elbow pads and leg guards are vital and no one is allowed on the ice without a helmet. Leg length hockey socks are worn over the knee and leg guards to provide increased friction compared to the smooth plastic of the pads – without these a player on his knees will slide a long way. The whole ensemble is then fastened into place with liberal quantities of packing tape. An ice-hockey helmet with a face cage is also worn.

Second in importance only to the knee pads are the broomball shoes. These are “sneaker” type shoes with thick soles of very soft rubber, to provide as much grip on smooth ice as possible. These are obtained from suppliers in Canada catering to the “mainstream” variety of broomball played there. Finally, each player carries a stick. These are made locally from the straw brushes used by Moscow street-sweepers in summer, giving the sport its name. The straw brush is tightly packed and shaped before being wrapped in many layers of silver duct tape, forming a rigid club somewhat resembling a hockey stick. Broomball sticks are much shorter, however, and are wielded one-handed. A wrist loop is attached to avoid losing the stick. Broomball sticks vary quite widely in length and shape according to the user’s preference. Some have large flat heads almost like miniature ice-hockey sticks, while others are curved into hook-like shapes designed control the ball much like in ice or grass hockey.



Croquet is a sport with proud traditions, and it was originally played by the aristocracy. Croquet was considered a serious competitive sport, and it was even featured in the 1900 Olympics. It is still a popular sport in the Anglo-Saxon world, and there are still held world championships in croquet.Croquet is a great sport that is especially prevalent in Anglo-Saxon countries. It is played on grass with mallets and balls made of wood or plastic. Every player has their own ball, and the objective of the game is to hit the ball through the course of nine hoops using as few strikes as possible. Today, croquet is experiencing renewed interest as an exciting senior sport that can also be played indoors. 온라인경마


There are several different ways of playing croquet. Common to them all is that it is played on a court that ideally measures 30×20 meter. Naturally, the court is adjusted to the conditions. You can play either in teams or individually with 2-6 participants.

  1. The size of the croquet court is adapted according to the conditions. An outdoor court can measure 20 x 30 metres, but it can be larger or smaller.
    2, 3 or 4 players participate. There is more fun to be had if 4 players participate, so two can play against two.
  2. The ball is placed in between the start peg and the first hoop. One after the other, the players hit the balls through the hoops in the following sequence: Red, blue, yellow and black.
  3. When you pass a hoop, an extra stroke is gained – a bonus stroke.
  4. If you hit another’s ball you can choose between: 2 bonus strokes. The player places his ball one mallet head’s distance from the hit ball after which the 2 bonus strokes are taken. OR: A croquade.
  5. The person who executes a croquade places his ball right up against the ball that has been hit. The player then holds his ball steady with his hand or foot and hits it so that the croquade ball is shot away. You can also choose to carry out a loose croquade, i.e. that you do not hold your own ball steady during the stroke. The partner’s ball may be exposed to croquade. After a croquade, you have the right to an extra stroke.
  6. When the player has passed hoop 10 without hitting the start peg, all other balls must be hit (as in a croquade) before the player can complete the game by hitting the start peg.
  7. If the player hits the start peg before the other balls are croquade, the player must move back to hoop 8 and continue from there.
  8. It’s all about getting through the course with as few strokes as possible. The person who uses the least strokes is the winner.
  9. You can also play following simpler rules where a croquade is not compulsory.

Forms of Croquet

Association Croquet — an advanced game of croquet played at an international level involving four balls teamed in pairs, with both balls going through every hoop for one pair to win.

Golf Croquet — a popular form of croquet in which each player takes a stroke in turn, trying to hit a ball through the same hoop.

Garden Croquet — this version of croquet is widely played in the UK, and is similar to association croquet. This version of the game is easy for beginners to learn.

American Six-Wicket — The American rules version of croquet, another six-hoop game, is the dominant version of the game in the United States. This version has an emphasis on strategy. The major difference to association croquet is that a ball’s “deadness” on other balls is carried over from turn to turn, until the ball has been “cleared” by scoring a wicket.

Nine-Wicket Croquet — sometimes called “backyard croquet”, this version is played mainly in North America, and is the game most recreational players in those countries call simply “croquet”. There are nine wickets, two stakes, and up to six balls. The course is arranged in a double-diamond pattern, with one stake at each end of the course.

Extreme Croquet — a variation on croquet similar to the croquet played in most backyards and gardens, however there is no specific field dimensions or out-of-bounds, and played over novel terrain.

Bicycle Croquet — A time limit of 10 seconds has to be met for every individual play. The players alternate strokes and are not allowed to touch the ground with any part of their body.



Korfball is a ball sport played by hand. It takes a few moments to learn, but a lifetime to perfect. By passing and quick movement players must elude their personal opponents to shoot the ball through a korf the Dutch word for basket. In the standard game, teams consist of eight players four male and four female. The korf is set in from the end of the playing area, enabling shots from 360 degrees. Players assume either attack or defence roles. After two goals, defenders and attackers switch placing emphasis on the development of all-round skills: each player should be able to defend, attack, shoot and support his or her team-mates. A player ‘defended’ by a personal opponent is not permitted to shoot, meaning quick shots, based on specific technique, are most effective. Korfball is based on co-operation between players dribbling and running with the ball are classed as ‘solo play’ and are outlawed. Although contact between players does occur in korfball, that contact is controlled players may not gain advantage from contacting their opponents. 스포츠토토

Korfball is played by two teams of eight. It is played indoors on a rectangular field 131 feet long and 66 feet wide and outdoors on a field that is 197 feet by 98 feet. At either end of the field, a short distance inside the end line, is a goalpost supporting a cylindrical basket “korf” open at both ends, with the rim of the basket 11.5 feet above the ground. The object of the game is to throw a ball so that it passes through the korf from above, scoring one point. The korf is about 16 inches in diameter and 10 inches high, and the ball is about 13.6 inches in circumference and 15 to 17 ounces in weight. The field is marked into two zones defense and attack each occupied by two men and two women from both teams, their movement being restricted to their zone. An indoor game consists of two 30-minute halves, an outdoor game 35-minute halves. Play begins with a free pass from centre. Action consists almost entirely of passing the ball from hand to hand and from one zone to the next. Kicking, punching, handing off, and running with the ball are illegal. Although no body contact is permitted, guarding is close, with players guarding opponents of the same sex. A penalty shot at goal from a penalty mark 13 feet away is awarded to the victim of a major violation of rules.



Dodgeball is a team sport in which players on two teams try to throw balls and hit opponents, while avoiding being hit themselves. The objective of each team is to eliminate all members of the opposing team by hitting them with thrown balls, catching a ball thrown by an opponent, or inducing an opponent to commit a violation, such as stepping outside the court. The sport is played informally under varying rules; and formally as an international sport, under rules that vary among international governing bodies, such as the World Dodgeball Federation and the World Dodgeball Association. USA Dodgeball is the governing entity for dodgeball in the United States, with member leagues and clubs across the nation. The origins of dodgeball are fairly sketchy but it has been a popular game for a considerable period of time. The game is a regular part of physical education classes in schools and the popularity of the sport reached new levels thanks to the motion picture Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story’ featuring Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor. The number of dodgeballs used varies, but usually it’s around three to ten. At the start of the game, the balls are lined up in the middle of the field. The players will then rush towards the middle, grab the dodgeballs, and roll it to their teammates. After this, they can start throwing towards the opposing team. 온라인경마

Players & Equipment

There is no fixed amount of players that are needed to have a dodgeball game, with games varying between small numbers to large players. A lot will depend on the space available to play the game and the overall pool of player available. School leagues or regulated games will have a set number of players, which again will differ from each league.

There is no fixed dimension and area for a dodgeball game with the game going ahead on the most appropriate surface and venue. Similarly, there is no universal agreement on the balls that are used in a dodgeball game. Players operating in a league format would be expected to all play with the same ball size or type but this can be agreed by each individual league. Many consider it to be of benefit to play with an odd number of dodgeballs so there is always scope for a team to be on the offensive.

The game commences with the opening rush. All the dodgeballs are lined up in the centre of the court, with both teams rushing from their base line to the balls. Players have to simultaneously grab and throw a dodgeball or roll it back to a team-mate. To play dodgeball, the minimum amount of equipment required is 5 balls and a court to play on. In a regulation game, uniforms can be worn.

Rules of Dodgeball

  1. The number of players, number of balls, size of court and length of game can be determined by the organisers.
  2. Players must remain within the court at all times, unless collecting dead balls.
  3. Players are allowed to leave the court to collect balls but they are not allowed to throw the ball until they are back within the court. If a player leaves the court for any other purpose or they throw a ball from outside the court, they are eliminated.
  4. The rules regarding headshots can be decided upon personal preference or by order of an official body. Some games will see the throwing player eliminated if an opponent is stuck on the head, some games will see the player struck on the head eliminated.
  5. Players struck with a ball that is then caught before it becomes dead are eliminated.
  6. When a player catches a ball, the throwing player will be eliminated.


Baseball, are played in a field where two teams of nine players each place four white bases in a diamond. Teams alternate between batters and fielders, exchanging seats when the three batting teams are “out” As batters, players hit the ball out of the reach of the defensive team and try to turn around the base completely to “run” The team with the most runs in nine innings wins. Baseball is traditionally considered a national pastime in the United States. It was once thought to have been invented in 1839 by Abner Doubleday of Cooperstown, New York, but baseball is more likely to have developed from an 18th-century English game called the Rounders, adapted by Alexander Cartwright. 온라인경마

The first professional association was established in 1871 and became the National League in 1876. The rival American League was founded in 1900, and since 1903, the winning teams of each league have played the postseason championship known as the World Series. The Baseball Hall of Fame is located in Cooperstown. Professional baseball leagues also exist in some Latin American countries. League champions from the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela compete in the Caribbean Series every February. In Asia, there are professional baseball leagues in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. In Japan, two major leagues, Central and Pacific, face off in the Japanese Series every October.



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