Are you shaken by the media? Munich’s shock player assessment, “Kim Min-jae is not untouchable next season.” Appalled

Georg Holgner, a reporter for Germany’s Kicker, reported on the 8th (Korea Standard Time) that “Bayern Munich will reevaluate the value of all but three players after this season,” adding, “The three players are Manuel Neuer, Thomas Muller and Harry Kane.” In short, Kim Min-jae, who is playing well, is not untouchable. 메이저사이트

Kim left Napoli with a buyout of 50 million euros last summer and joined Bayern Munich. The Serie A best defender took on a new challenge after leaving Napoli after one season. Contrary to expectations, Kim immediately secured the starting position in the German league.

In fact, during the first half of this season, Kim’s competition for the starting lineup was not a problem, but controversy arose over excessive labor. As his partner Mathias the Licht and Upamecano were injured alternately, he had to participate nonstop. As Thomas Tuchel, coach, he has no choice but to keep Kim playing.

As a result, Kim played full-time in 15 consecutive official matches and flew several laps around the world to and from the Korean national soccer team. “TZ” in Germany also expressed concern, calling it a “hellish” schedule. In fact, Kim played 1903 minutes as a Bayern Munich player. Kim played in all 15 league matches and was in the background.

In all tournaments, he played in every match except for the match against Zarbrucken at the DFB-Pokal Cup and the match against Copenhagen at the UCL, where he took rest due to back bruises. He even scored his debut goal for Bayern Munich on the 18th, showing his best performance in the match against Stuttgart. It was literally the last stop in Munich’s defense.

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