Its a Korean Air temporarily recruits Murad from Pakistan

Men’s professional volleyball team Korean Air recruits Pakistan national team member Murad Khan (23).

Korean Air announced on the 22nd that it had recruited Murad Khan (registered name: Murad)

a Pakistani national who plays for a Bulgarian club (Neftochmik Burgas)

as a temporary replacement for Lincoln Williams (Australia)

who is recovering from an injury.

Murad, born in 2000, is a 205cm tall striker. His position is apogee spiker.

He has been selected as a member of the Pakistan age-group national team since 2018, and as an adult national team member in 2023 and participated in the Hangzhou Asian Games.

He played an active role as a key player for the team, showing off amazing decision-making skills in games against the Korean national team.

Currently, in the Bulgarian league, he is playing as a starting light for his team and maintains a high rank in all attack indicators.

Murad, who played his last game on the 19th, departed from Bulgaria (Sofia), passed through Turkye (Istanbul), and entered the country through Incheon International Airport at 2 pm on the 21st.

It is expected that participation in the game will be possible as soon as the issuance of the International Transfer Consent (ITC) is completed.

Lincoln experienced two combined wins while with Korean Air and entered his third season. 바카라사이트닷컴

However, he only played in 12 games this season due to a knee injury.

To make matters worse, due to a recent back injury, he has not been able to play since the Woori Card match on November 30th.

An official from the Korean Air team said, “We will spare no efforts and support to help Lincoln regain his normal condition,” and added

We plan to monitor his recovery and then decide whether to play the remaining games.”


Professional Baseball Kiwoom Renews Contract with Foreign Pitcher Jurado for a Total of $1.3 Million

Professional baseball team Kiwoom announced today (22nd) that it has signed a new contract with foreign pitcher Ariel Jurado for a total of $1.3 million, including $1.2 million in annual salary and $100,000 in incentives.

Jurado appeared as a starting pitcher in 30 games this season, going 183.2 innings with 11 wins, 8 losses, 147 strikeouts, and an ERA of 2.65.

He served as an ace by showing the ability to pitch an average of more than 6 innings per game and the consistency of not missing the starting rotation. 지울프-토토

Jurado ranked high in most pitching-related indicators, including ERA, 4th in the league in innings pitched, and tied for 6th in the league in strikeouts.

Jurado expressed his thoughts, saying, “I am honored to be able to play for Kiwoom again next year. I am happy to be with good colleagues again. I will try to contribute to the team achieving better results next year.”

In addition to Jurado, Kiwoom renewed the contract with foreign hitter Ronnie Dawson and recruited new foreign pitcher Enmanuel de Heisus to complete the lineup of foreign players for the 2024 season.


Its a NBA ‘last place’ Detroit loses to Utah for 25th straight loss

The Detroit Pistons’ losing streak, ranked last in the National Basketball Association (NBA), extended to 25 games. If we lose one more time, we will face the disgrace of being tied for first place in this category.

Detroit lost 111-119 to the Utah Jazz in the 2023-2024 NBA regular league home game held at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan, USA on the 22nd (Korean time). 먹튀검증사이트

As a result, Detroit (2 wins, 26 losses) suffered its 25th consecutive loss. There has been no win for nearly two months since beating the Chicago Bulls 118-102 in late October.

The record for the most consecutive losses in a season is 26, set by the Philadelphia 76ers in the 2013-2014 season and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2010-2011 season.

Philadelphia (2014-2015, 2015-2016 seasons) had the longest losing streak in the regular league over two seasons, losing 28 games in a row from March to November 2015.

Detroit, which is suffering from the worst slump, is ranked last not only in the Eastern Conference but also in the entire NBA. The San Antonio Spurs, at the bottom of the Western Conference, are in a better situation than Detroit with 4 wins and 23 losses.

Utah’s ace Lauri Markkanen and Jordan Clarkson were absent, but Kelly Olynyk poured in 27 points with a 62.5% field goal percentage, pushing Detroit into the quagmire.

In addition to Olynyk, six players, including Colin Sexton (19 points) and Chris Dunn (13 points), performed well, scoring in double digits.

In Detroit, ace Cade Cunningham contributed with 28 points and 10 assists.

Jayden Ivey and Marvin Bagley III scored 24 and 22 points, respectively, to support Cunningham on the outside and under the goal, but could not prevent the loss.

Detroit collapsed after making 20 errors.

According to sports media The Athletic, Detroit fans who were angry at the team’s continued slump chanted “Sell the team” at the end of the game.

It is an unpleasant situation for Detroit, which brought in coach Monty Williams, who led the Phoenix Suns until last season and put an end to the team’s dark period that began in the 2010s, through a very large contract.

Coach Williams was appointed as Detroit’s head coach last June, and at the time, local media such as ESPN reported that the contract size between the two sides was $12 million (approximately 15.6 billion won) per year for six years.

After the game, Coach Williams said, “This game hurts more than other games. I want to spare words. The team that played yesterday gained 50 more points through mistakes and rebounds. How can we be inferior in this aspect?” “It’s difficult to understand whether it exists,” he said.

Unlike Detroit, which received two days of rest, Utah came to Detroit immediately after playing an away game against Cleveland the day before.

“We can turn this around. We can play a lot better basketball,” Cunningham said.


The World’s No. 1 in Value and Yamamoto the No. 1 Pitcher

 A big puzzle piece has been added to the LA Dodgers’ starting rotation

which had been full of question marks despite recruiting Shohei Ohtani.

National team ace Yoshinobu Yamamoto, who has been recognized as Japan’s best starting pitcher for three consecutive years

will wear the Dodgers uniform. And that too with an ultra-long-term

super-large contract worth a whopping 12 years and $325 million.

Now, the No. 1 player and the No. 1 pitcher in the entire major league are gathered in the Dodgers. reporter Mark Feinsand reported on Twitter on the 22nd (Korean time) that Yamamoto decided to transfer to the Dodgers with a contract worth more than $300 million. 카지노사이트랭크

He went on to write, “The race for Yamamoto is over. Now the destinations of the remaining free agents will be decided one by one.”

As Yamamoto’s destination was narrowed down, other reporters also rushed to report the details of the contract.

Yahoo Sports reporter Jeff Passan said, “Yamamoto’s contract is for 12 years and $325 million.

The posting amount that the original team, Orix Buffaloes, will receive is close to $5 million.

He made over $300 million before even making his major league debut. It is the highest-paid contract ever for a pitcher

surpassing Gerrit Cole’s (New York Yankees) 9-year contract worth $324 million, and the contract period is a new record for the longest contract period for a pitcher.


The Busan District Court will make its first ruling on Seo Joon-won, who was indicted on charges of violating the Act on the Protection of Sexuality of Children and Youth

The criminal trial of former Lotte Giants pitcher Seo Joon-won, who shocked the professional baseball community earlier this year, is soon set to be ruled by the first trial. The Busan District Court will make its first ruling on Seo Joon-won, who was indicted on charges of violating the Act on the Protection of Sexuality of Children and Youth (production and distribution of sexual exploitation materials, etc.) at 2 p.m. on the 13th.

According to reports, Seo Jun-won sent sexual messages about 60 times by lying as if he would pay the victim he found out through the messenger open chat room around August last year. He then received photos of the victim’s main body parts seven times. Seo Joon-won asked the victim to show him/her lewd behavior through a video call, but he/she was rejected, and threatened to release the victim’s picture if he/she did not do as he/she wanted. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

The investigation into Seo Joon-won is said to have started around December last year, but he did not inform Lotte of it. The controversy grew further as the club reportedly did not know until he was sentenced to arrest in March this year. Amid various charges, the ruling of the first trial on the 13th seems to be the key to the ruling on intimidation and coercion using the production of sexual exploitation of children and adolescents and filming.

According to the Act on the Protection of Sexuality of Children and Adolescents (abbreviated: Youth Sexual Protection Act), “sexual exploitation of children and adolescents” are
It means that people or expressions that can be clearly recognized as children, adolescents, or children and adolescents appear to express the contents of sexual acts or other sexual acts. Legally, it is in the form of films, videos, games, or images and videos through computers or other communication media.

The law severely punishes the production and distribution of “sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.” In particular, a person who produces, imports, or exports sexual exploitation of children and adolescents shall be sentenced to life imprisonment or imprisonment for at least five years (Article 11 (1)). The precedent is considered “production” even when the defendant has children and adolescents film pornography targeting themselves. If the Defendant planned and filmed it or gave specific instructions without having to film it himself, he/she saw it as a production (Supreme Court 2020 Do 18285 Decision).

Seo Jun-won denied that he did not know he was a minor even on the first trial date as well as at the investigative agency. The fact that they did not know whether they were minors because the target of sexual exploitation of children and adolescents should be children denied the charges by denying the intention of producing such sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.

The ruling on the alleged threat is also worth watching. The Act on Special Cases concerning the Punishment, etc. of Sexual Violence Crimes (abbreviated: Sexual Violence Punishment Act) shall punish a person with at least one year in prison if he threatens a person using a photograph or replica (including a replica of a replica) (Article 14-3 (1)). In addition, a person who interferes with the exercise of a person’s rights or makes him/her do something that is not obligated by such threats shall be sentenced to at least three years in prison (Article 14-3 (2)). The 3Youth Sex Protection Act」 also stipulates that Article 14-3 of the 성Sexual Violence Punishment Actᄉᆞᅦ is a sex crime against children and adolescents. As much as the above regulations punish even adults, they are punished even if it is recognized that the victim did not know that he was a minor.

Seo Joon-won reversed his position and admitted the charges at the second trial date held on the 23rd of last month. The agreement with the victim was also submitted. He admitted that he knew he was a minor. At the time, the prosecution demanded a six-year prison term, and Seo Joon-won and his lawyer said in a final statement, “I ask the court to consider the difficult situation such as expulsion from the professional baseball association, release from his club, and divorce from his wife.” If the court gives me one more chance, I will live a proper life for my ex-wife, son, and parents without losing hope. Taking this opportunity, I sincerely apologize to the victims and their parents. “

Less than 10 days are left before the first trial’s ruling. Legal judgments are made on false sexual notions and attitudes toward children and adolescents. While keeping in mind that sexual exploitation of children and adolescents is a product of crime, I hope to be a teacher.


MGM Resorts and BetMGM are among the first game operators to promote responsible games through in-league marketing

“This is a special moment because we are working with team partners to raise awareness of responsible games,” said Rhea Loney, chief compliance officer at BetMGM. “During the season, GameSense will play a pivotal role in reminding betting football fans to do so responsibly.”

In addition, MGM Resorts and BetMGM invest more than $1 million annually to support a variety of responsible gaming and problem gambling projects, including research, advocacy, prevention, marketing and organizational support.

“The landscape of the gaming industry has evolved dramatically in recent years with the widespread legalization of online gambling and sports betting,” said Stephen Martino, SVP’s chief compliance officer at MGM Resorts. “Cooperation between operators and stakeholders is essential to ensure that responsible games remain a top priority. These efforts are essential to providing customers, customers, employees, and companies with the tools and information they need for a safe and enjoyable experience.” 안전놀이터 추천

GameSense is an industry-leading responsible gaming program first developed and licensed to MGM Resorts in 2017 by the British Columbia Lottery Company (BCLC). The program focuses on positive, transparent, and proactive conversations with customers and customers about how to gamble responsibly. Gamesense messages and responsible gaming tips are now being delivered to guests on television screens in hotel rooms at MGM resorts across the country.

“AGA is proud to work with leaders like MGM Resorts and BetMGM to develop responsible games every day,” said Casey Clark, senior vice president of the American Game Association. “The ongoing investment to increase responsibility illustrates the commitment of the industry and the moon spirit of responsible gaming education.”

The MGM resort’s casino floor also features slot machines that display GameSense messages with QR codes that provide access to GameSense’s responsible game information and training materials. GameSense is extensively integrated into BetMGM’s desktops, mobile platforms, and sports betting kiosks, providing customers with consistent and supportive information that they have become dependent on across MGM resort properties nationwide. GameSense’s integration into BetMGM provides players with information on how to set responsible gaming limits while dispelling common gambling misconceptions.

The news is that MGM Resorts and BetMGM are partnering with the American Game Association (AGA) to push for a month of responsible gaming education (RGEM 2023) in September. During RGEM 2023, the two game leaders will focus on ensuring that guests and customers play responsibly within a legitimate and regulated market. MGM Resorts and BetMGM will also develop responsible games through research while improving staff training and community collaboration. MGM Responsible. BetMGM continues to partner with AGA’s Have A Game Plan. Let’s bet on a responsible game. A public service campaign to educate new and experienced betters about responsible sports betting.


“It’s a great honor to be the first artist to take advantage of the look of vSphere,” said Anadol. “

Refik Anadol announced that he would be the first artist to use the fully programmable LED appearance of Sphere in Las Vegas, as an immersive canvas, introducing an AI Data Sculpture for Sphere called “Machine Hallucination: Sphere.”

Refik Anadol is a visionary media artist, director, and pioneer of the aesthetics of machine intelligence. He uses a large collection of public data and machine learning algorithms to create fascinating, dynamic, and immersive art installations. Anadol is the founder of Refik Anadol Studio, an award-winning technology-driven creative design studio based in Los Angeles. Anadol’s work has been exhibited on six continents, including some of the world’s most prominent art venues, such as New York MoMA, Miami Art Basel, and Paris Center Georges Pompidou.

Machine hallucinations: Spear, an immersive digital experience, Spear celebrates Spear’s unique architecture by featuring dynamic visualizations using vast amounts of data to create abstract images of space and nature. The two-page series, referred to by Anadol as “AI Data Sculptures,” creates a collective, meditative, and multi-sensory experience that will take the audience on a journey of light, movement and color with vivid pigments, shapes and patterns. This immersive experience allows viewers to imagine alternative realities constructed by invisible data movements around them. 토토사이트

“It’s a great honor to be the first artist to take advantage of the look of vSphere,” said Anadol. “It’s very exciting to be offered this architectural and engineering wonder like a canvas. This opportunity is perfectly in line with our studio’s long-term mission to incorporate media art into architecture to create living architectural works that interact constantly with the environment.”

“Lepik Anadol’s artistic approach has made him the ideal artist to be the first to partner in showcasing his amazing work, using Exosphere’s full capacity, an incomparable canvas for artists who want to explore their artistic expressions on the world stage and break the boundaries of what is possible,” said Spear Entertainment’s senior vice president of brand strategy and creative development. “With the fascinating power of the Exosphere and our unwavering commitment to presenting both art and brand to the outside of Spear, we will forever change the way art and commerce coexist.”

Mechanical hallucinations are an ongoing exploration of data aesthetics based on collective visual memories of space, nature, and urban environments. “Lepik Anadol’s artistic approach has made him the ideal artist to be the first to partner in showcasing his amazing work, using Exosphere’s full capacity, an incomparable canvas for artists who want to explore their artistic expressions on the world stage and break the boundaries of what is possible,” said Spear Entertainment’s senior vice president of brand strategy and creative development. “With the fascinating power of the Exosphere and our unwavering commitment to presenting both art and brand to the outside of Spear, we will forever change the way art and commerce coexist.”

Mechanical hallucinations are an ongoing exploration of data aesthetics based on collective visual memories of space, natural and urban environments. For this project, Anadol and his team used the theme dataset as a component for two different chapters:

Mechanical hallucinations: the universe is a visual speculation of humanity’s historic attempt based on NASA’s collaboration with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which utilizes publicly available photographs taken by satellites and spacecraft, including millions of raw images captured and recorded by the International Space Station and Hubble.

Mechanical hallucinations: Nature uses over 300 million publicly available pictures of animals and plants to generate pigments, shapes, and patterns that we associate with nature, but only exists in the mind of machines as ” hallucinations”. The second half of this chapter consists of Sphere: Winds of Las Vegas, which utilizes wind and gust speed, precipitation, and barometric data sets collected from real-time API wind sensors in Las Vegas.

Spear is the next generation of entertainment media that will bring wonders to the world and redefine the future of live entertainment. It’s a venue where the best artists, creators, and technicians can take storytelling to a new level and create a special experience that takes the audience to both real and imagined places. The venue will feature original spear experiences from leading Hollywood directors, concerts and residences by the world’s largest artists, and premier market events.

The entire exterior surface of Sphere, called Exosphere, is covered with nearly 580,000 square feet of fully programmable LED panels, which provide effective displays for artists, brands and partners. The Exosphere consists of approximately 1.2 million LED pucks and is spaced 8 inches apart. Each puck has 48 individual LED diodes, each displaying 256 million different colors, giving the Las Vegas skyline a vivid and new landmark.


Kalamba Games Promotes Player Personalization In The Latest Retro Edition Diamond Bounty 7s Hold And Win.

Subjects influenced by land-based slot machines have symbols representing different seven bars that match the entire theme. These symbols must form a matching combination across the ten paylines of the slot to win.

Players can create these wins through wild symbols that replace all default game icons, and they can also upgrade these wilds and change the symbols that exist through the hyperbet mechanism.

There are four betting levels to help players win titles in a variety of ways, adding multipliers to the wild, enabling hold and win symbols, and landing super hold and win symbols to increase the likelihood of executing this feature. 카지노사이트 순위

In the hold and win bonus, the player must immediately win the prize money to reset the three spins initially awarded. This immediate prize money can also be earned in cashpot amounts, which will give you up to 20,000 times the prize money. Additional prize money is given by filling the reel with symbols.

Buy Bonus is also available, with immediate access to Hold and Win features, along with an upgraded bonus round that allows you to land your cashpot more often, increasing your chances of winning.

Diamond Bounty 7s Hold and Win is Kalamba’s latest multi-faceted release focused on mechanical ingenuity to deliver an innovative experience, reflected in recent hits such as Cashpot Kegs Megaways, Gold Tracker 7s and Hyperblitz Hold and Win.

Alex Cohen, COO and co-founder of Kalamba Games, said, “Diamond Bounty 7s Hold and Win combines innovative dynamics and classic themes to provide a slot to position players’ choices at the core. This increases playability and gives players the right to participate in titles in a variety of ways.

“The ability to get cashpots in Hold and Win bonus rounds heightens excitement, and we’re eager for the response this title receives from operators and players.”


A hero is needed among the alternative starters. The fate of autumn hangs on their shoulders.

KIA has won eight consecutive games and climbed to fourth place. Considering the desperate situation, it is likely to swallow up not only the third-place SSG but also the second-place KT rather than the pursuit of NC and Doosan. There is a 1.5 game difference between SSG and KT. There are many games left (36 games), so some predict that they will be able to catch up enough. However, it must exceed certain variables.

Starting this week, I’ll start my hellish schedule. Three consecutive games between Doosan and Jamsil from the 5th and four consecutive games between LG and Gwangju from the 8th are waiting. According to the current schedule, the game will be played nonstop until October 12. A doubleheader is included three times. Except for the moving day (Monday), there are only two days without a game. 36 games in 38 days.

The most important energy is the starters. It takes six starters a week to play a doubleheader three times. He also has to take turns taking the mound every four days. Meanwhile, Mario Sanchez is also out due to injury. Lee Eui-ri, who had fallen out due to shoulder inflammation, returned to the match against Incheon SSG on the 3rd but pitched only three innings.

Moreover, from the 22nd, he must respond to the call-up of the Hangzhou Asian Games national team. On top of that, rookie Yoon Young-chul, who won eight games, is also tired, so it is burdensome to take the mound every four days. It will be a great help if Sanchez, who has been absent due to a four-week rehabilitation schedule, returns when Lee Eui-ri joins the national team. On the contrary, if it is difficult to return, the burden will inevitably increase. 안전놀이터

In the process of winning eight consecutive games, KIA did not need a substitute pitcher as it rained for two consecutive days. It’s different from now on. We need three replacement starters this week right now. Hwang Dong-ha will start as a substitute starting pitcher against Doosan Bears in Jamsil on the 5th. Following Panoni, Yang Hyun-jong, and Yoon Young-chul, the doubleheader against LG on the 9th will be replaced by Lee Eui-ri.

LG also needs an alternative starter on the 10th, but Hwang Dong-ha or another pitcher must step up every four days. Currently, Hwang Dong-ha, Kim Geon-guk, Kim Yu-shin, and Kim Jae-yeol are considered alternative candidates. He has been steadily preparing for the Futures League as a starter. Left-hander Kim Ki-hoon is also playing multiple innings for the Futures team to pitch a lot, so he can start.

Aje is bound to have an absolute importance on the performance of the substitute starters. Alternative starters are applauded for just three innings. If he lasts up to five innings, he will be praised. Of course, it can be used as a 1+1 system. Strong batters shoot support and strong bullpen takes the mound. Of course, bullpen pitchers should be efficiently used on overcrowded schedules.


Casino City’s Gary Trask to offer 10 of his favorite Las Vegas

The NFL starts the season in less than a week, so it’s the perfect time for Casino City’s Gary Trask to offer 10 of his favorite Las Vegas sportsbooks, and he did just that on Monday. Restaurants open in Wisconsin casinos before sitting and watching your betting cash, new Louisiana properties welcome guests for the first time, Venetian Las Vegas is undergoing some changes, and Ontario bans celebrities and athletes from engaging in gambling ads.

  1. Rock and Brew Restaurant Coming to Potawatomi Carter Casino
    Today, the Forest County Potawatomi and Rocknbrew teams will expand their partnership by running a full-day program to help Wisconsin residents feel an “all-night rockn’roll,” starting with a groundbreaking ceremony for a restaurant inside the Potawatomi Carter Casino Hotel.

Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons will participate in the first demolition of the 5,280-square-foot restaurant. Later that evening, the duo will join their bandmates to perform as part of KISS’s End of the Road Tour at Crandon International Raceway.

Wisconsin’s first rock and brew restaurant opened at the Potawatomi Hotel & Casino in Milwaukee on Aug. 1. The 250-seat restaurant was an integral part of the $190 million renovation.

  1. Queen Baton Rouge and Draft Kings Sportsbook Celebrates Grand Open
    The Queen Baton Rouge and Draft Kings Sports Book officially opened on Aug. 25, and welcomed more than 1,000 guests lining up outdoors to welcome the 100,000-square-foot casino to Louisiana.

The ribbon was officially cut by Lydia Chenebert, a 30-year career employee of Queen Baton Rouge, and before that night was the historic riverboat casino, Hollywood Casino Baton Rouge. Queen Baton Rouge is the city’s first land casino, a $85 million redevelopment.

  1. Big Things Happen In Venetian Las Vegas
    J. Todd talks about The Venetian Las Vegas unveiling a refurbished sportsbook, but at the same time announces another change that doesn’t suit guests well. 온라인카지노

Last Thursday, the amazing casino resort in Las Vegas Streep announced a years-long naming rights partnership for Yahoo Sportsbook. The venue spans more than 12,000 square feet and features a 46-megapixel 1770-square-foot LED video wall, featuring up to 40 independent sporting events at a time. There are an additional 30 TVs spread throughout the book.