Yun Hyung-bin lost the decision and failed to take revenge on the “Soy Sauce Terrorist.” The nine-year gap was too long

Comedian Yun Hyung-bin’s revenge cannot be achieved with just one’s heart. Yun pledged his desperate revenge on “Soy Sauce Terrorist” Shoyu Nikki, but was defeated. In a special match between Goobne ROAD FC 067 “Fight 100” -80kg contract weight, which was held at the Grand Ballroom of the Swiss Grand Hotel in Hongeun-dong, Seoul on Wednesday, Yun lost to Japan’s Shoyu Nikki by a score of 0 to 2.

The Fighter 100 special match is not an official martial arts match but an event match. The game only lasts 100 seconds. If no match is made for those 100 seconds, a 100-second overtime is played.

Yoon got off to a good start when he hit the face of Showyu Nikki. However, his physical strength gradually declined. Showyu Nikki threw more accurate punches several times. It was only a 100-second match, but at the end, Yoon’s punch did not come out properly. It was clearly revealed that he did not play for nine years. 경마

After the 100-second match, the three judges ruled that Shoyu Nikki was dominant with two and tied with one. It was Shoyu Nikki’s victory by 2-0.

After the game, Shoyu Nikki came back as a nice person. “I’m sorry I poured soy sauce on Yoon Hyung-bin,” Shoyu Nikki said. “I did it because my name was soy sauce, but I love you, Korea.”

“When I came out, my son asked, ‘If I lose, will I lose the champion?’ I was ashamed of losing, but I said, ‘Daddy wasn’t a champion. I love you.'”

In this competition, Yoon Hyung-bin and Show You Nikki received the most attention from both martial arts fans and ordinary people. This was because Show You Nikki poured soy sauce on Yoon.

Shoyu Nikki is the cause of Yoon’s return to the cage after nine years. First, he kicked Yoon.

It started with “Fighter 100,” a content on Kwon A-sol’s YouTube channel. At the time, Shoyu Nikki, a Japanese player, committed a foul that hit his heart with a knee kick during a match against Korean player Kang Min-soo. It was a huge shock to the extent that the foul cup protecting his disappointment was crushed. The match ended as it was and was serious enough that a group physical fight broke out on the spot. After the match, he complained to the Japanese team about why. Then, Shoyu Nikki suddenly kicked Yun. The scene quickly turned into a chaos and the two decided to compete on Road FC.

At a press conference held on April 22, Shoyu Nikki terrorized with soy sauce. After making provocative remarks throughout the press conference, he brought soy sauce and poured it into Yun’s head.

At the weigh-in session held on Friday, Shoyu Nikki’s provocations continued. After passing the weigh-in session, Shoyu Nikki pushed Yun with both hands first when they met each other. A physical fight broke out, and Park Sang-min, the deputy CEO of the singer, and the judges quickly restrained him, preventing a serious mishap. Yun endured and held back his anger.

At a meeting where she finally expressed her determination after the photo shoot, Showyu Nikki first did not stop provoking, saying, “Thank you to me because I purposely played for your weight in Korea.” Yun Hyung-bin said, “I don’t want to play around for now,” and said, “I’ll kill you half tomorrow,” and held back the boiling anger by taking a deep breath.

After the weigh-in, a press conference was held. I was worried that Shoyu Nikki might be doing “Soy sauce Terror” again.

Yoon Hyung-bin said, “I don’t get blind dogs. I’m really scared of Maltese or Yorkshire Terriers, so I keep talking,” adding, “I’ll make sure to bite the back of my neck tomorrow.” “I’ll kill half of you because I don’t think it’s a real match, but I think it’s a real fight,” he said to Shoyu Nikki. “I hope you’re getting ready to get hit a lot.”

Then, Shoyu Nikki said, “You want to see all the cockroaches collapse, right? I’ll show them all through the broadcast in Korea tomorrow, so pay attention to them all.”

When the host asked if she had brought soy sauce to Shoyu Nikki, Soyu Nikki suddenly looked through the shopping bag under the chair and lifted the real bottle of soy sauce. Everyone was nervous for an instant. Shoyu Nikki even got up and pretended to spray a soy sauce bottle. Fortunately, the lid was closed. Then Shoyu Nikki opened the lid and drank it. It turned out that there was a coke in the soy sauce bottle. It was a joke.

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