What are the problems with the Nevada market that William Hill doesn’t have to face in other countries?

Regulationally, is really, really, really, and rightly so. We’re more used to mainstream activities in Europe than to gambling in the United States. If I had to characterize the whole of the United States, outside of Nevada, I would say that the United States is about 10 years ahead of Europe, but when it comes to betting, it’s not an exaggeration. But I think you’re 50 years behind. 카지노사이트 순위

Was going through a Nevada regulatory review different from what you’ve experienced with other regulators?

About five of us went through it. And we missed out on the divorce five times because it involved your spouse. Fortunately, we went through it. I think a lot of men bribed you along the way. I decided to give me love and affection.

Did it ever feel too heavy? Or did you think it was just the price of doing business?

We knew what to expect. We went in there with our eyes wide open. We were patient. And we have a lot of respect for [Nevada Game Control Board] Mark Riparelli. I think he’s a quality adjuster.

William Hill recently withdrew from the Australian market in part to protect your Nevada license application. Do you believe that you operated in violation of Australian law? Do you still believe that operators in the market are operating there illegally?

When you look at the dot-com approach that’s taking place in Europe and other parts of the world, operators focused on the markets that are important to them. No wonder. 92 percent of our businesses started in England, which is a highly regulated market. We got there willingly. Our perspective in the dot-com model was where the transactions took place, and if you were given permission to do so, it didn’t matter where the consumer came from. In fact, the consumer was in Gibraltar when he was making the bet. In our view, where we sought legal advice from a specific area, what we did was stay away from that area. The operation in Australia started going beyond our organization’s radar. That was a small part of our operation. When the Nevadans asked us about it, we said, “You know, let’s make life easier for everyone. Let’s shut down.” I think when you have a land-based business, and you want to put your soldiers on the ground, you have to understand how regulation works. When you have 300 countries around the world, and you have a internet business where you don’t have a universal approach to gambling, where your approach to gambling is complex and unchanging, I think you should be patient and watch. That’s what we’ve done in different regions.

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