“Weird Lawyer Woo Young-woo”

Players who finished the third round of the “Daebo Housdy Open” of the KLPGA Tour season held at Seowon Valley CC in Paju, Gyeonggi Province, gathered to prepare for the awards ceremony on the 10th. Oh Ji-hyun, Park Ji-young, and Sung Yu-jin are talking about the greeting method of “Weird Lawyer Woo Young-woo,” which is making headlines.

First of all, Park Ji-young’s play followed Park Eun-bin’s greeting and shouted “Right to the Young to the Woo to the Woo to the Rame.” Then Oh Ji-hyun and Sung Yoo-jin next to them followed Woo Young-woo’s greeting, saying, “We can do it, too.”

Oh Ji-hyun, who usually looks chic, burst into laughter as she watched Sung Yu-jin’s movements. Then, Park Ji-young and her right arm were raised again, and she had a good time copying Woo Young-woo’s greeting. It was a time when I could feel another charm of the players who usually only exercised.

Meanwhile, Song Ga-eun won her second career victory with a total of 18-under 198 in the third round of the “Daebo Housey Open” at Seowon Valley CC in Paju, Gyeonggi Province on the 10th. After winning the Hana Financial Championship in October 2021, he won two games in nine months. 스포츠토토

Oh Ji-hyun came in second with 15-under 201, Yoo Hae-ran and Kwak Bo-mi tied for third with 14-under 202, Park Ji-young, Lim Hee-jung and Sung Yoo-jin tied for fifth with 13-under 203, Kang Dana 2 and Kim Soo-ji tied for eighth with 12-under 204, Lee Soo-jin 3, Hong Jung-min 2, Lee So-young, Park Min-ji, and Choi Min-kyung tied for 10th with 11-under 205.

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