The weight of the crown…Vietnam’s Trusier, “The burden is too big” because he replaced “master” Park Hang-seo

Vietnam’s “Bonding Plus” reported on the 7th (Korea Standard Time) that “Vietnam coach Philip Trusier is burdened by the performance of his former coach Park Hang-seo,” adding, “He feels that Vietnamese fans are attacking him by comparing him with his former coach.”

Coach Park Hang-seo has led the Vietnamese national team from 2017 to January this year. Having achieved various achievements, Park was called “Saldingk” in Vietnam and gained huge recognition. As he led the Vietnamese national team through its heyday, he left a strong impression on the whole Southeast Asian soccer team.

Several Southeast Asian teams are calling for Park Hang-seo, who has such a brilliant career. In particular, when there is an empty seat in the Southeast Asian national team, Park Hang-seo’s name is mentioned as the No. 1 candidate. In fact, the Thai national team, which has faced Park Hang-seo’s Vietnam several times, reportedly considered appointing Park Hang-seo.

Thailand, which had continued to be rumored to be appointed by Park Hang-seo, was first to recruit Ishii Masitada after replacing head coach Aleksandro Paul King after losing 1-2 to China at home in the first round of the World Cup second qualifying round. Although Masitada, who was a technical adviser to the Thai Football Association, was appointed in the end, the fact that Park Hang-seo was also mentioned as a strong candidate is significant. 바카라

On top of that, coach Park Hang-seo was mentioned as the top priority for Southeast Asian teams such as Malaysia and Indonesia. In addition, there used to be constant public opinion in Vietnam that Coach Park Hang-seo should be reinstated whenever Coach Trusier was sluggish. In many ways, Park Hang-seo’s replacement was a target of pain, just like Manchester United, where Sir Alex Ferguson left.

It is natural that if the former coach performs overwhelmingly, the successor will feel burdened. In particular, Coach Park Hang-seo has made such a great achievement in Vietnam, so Coach Trusier has many demands. Bondi Plus explained, “In fact, when Coach Trusier took the helm of Vietnam, there were many evaluations that he was courageous.”

Bondi Plus said, “Vietnamese soccer fans are somewhat delusional after Park Hang-seo made a good performance. Therefore, even if they lose even a little, there will be a lot of criticism,” adding, “Coach Park Hang-seo used to suffer criticism from Vietnamese soccer fans in his final years of his term.”

“Coach Park Hang-seo or Coach Trusier will inevitably take some time to change their generations. They will inevitably follow failures, and then the coach, not the player, will always fall victim to them,” the media said. “Coach Trusier will be criticized a lot for Vietnam’s failures.”

Indeed, Coach Trussier also expressed regret, saying in an interview right before his departure for the Asian Cup, “Most Vietnamese fans don’t seem to be rooting for us. They don’t like Vietnamese players as well as me. I am not the Vietnam (Park Hang-seo) of the past, but the Vietnam coach now. The past is the past.”

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