The event is undeniably a strong competitor for global success.

Additional experts who have appeared throughout the conference include Giorgi Isakadze (Forbes Georgia), Mia Kopinadze (CEO, Europevet), Quirino Mancini (President, IMGL), Nika Gudushauri (CCO, ), Viktoriya Zakrevskaya (Ukraine Gambling Commission, Vice President of Communications), Dmitry Starostenkov (CEO, EvenBet Gaming).

Lasha Machavariani, CEO and founder of SMH, said, “We are proud to have performed such a great event, and I can honestly say that SBC Summit Tbilisi brought the highest quality SBC standards to the region. The event brought together iGaming and related industries from Eastern Europe, the Black Sea and Central Asia to create a new hub for experience sharing, networking, and new partnerships.”

In the evening, delegates had the opportunity to relax and enjoy Georgia’s scenic environment at a luxurious networking event. This included a pre-registered drink at the Stamba Hotel on October 23 and an official network party that wrapped up the event at the luxurious Republic Event Hall on October 24.

“I would like to express my great appreciation to the amazing SBC team for their unrivalled expertise and qualities, and to all our partners and sponsors who have supported this cause and have always shown readiness to drive the development of our business and society. Lastly, thank you to SMH team for the amazing work. The SBC Summit will return next year with greater value and scale,” Machavariani added. 경마사이트

Dmitry Starostenkov, CEO of EvenBet Gaming, said, “I would say it’s a classic case of ‘expectations versus reality’. Expected: A local summit with fewer visitors and ordinary content. Reality: an event with a global presence and ambitious goals, attended by a very active and representative audience, outstanding topics and speakers. Plus, it offers fantastic white hospitality, a warm atmosphere and meaningful open networking.

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