The coach of his team regrets the hospitality of Hwang Hee-chan

Coach O’Neill, who put Hwang Hee-chan as a replacement member at the beginning of the season, has also changed his attitude since October last year and has been praising Hwang Hee-chan. When Hwang Hee-chan’s goal conversion rate came up ahead of the match against Bournemouth, which he led until last season, on October 21 last year, he said, “Other players in Wolverhampton should learn Hwang Hee-chan.” “Not only Hwang Hee-chan but all players can participate in the attack and create a score,” O’Neill said. “Chani scores while Pedro Netu opens up from the side and Cunya disturbs the defense.”

Asked about Hwang Hee-chan’s absence from January to February this year due to his participation in the Asian Cup at the end of last year, O’Neill said, “The Everton match will probably be Hwang Hee-chan’s last match with us before the Asian Cup (on the 31st),” adding, “We will look at what we can do and what we have in the squad. I faced a similar situation when I arrived at the team, and Hwang Hee-chan was not the answer to the score at the time and he was not the No. 9 striker.” When he took office last summer, he announced that he had not paid attention to Hwang Hee-chan. 안전놀이터 추천

Recently, Wolverhampton captain also joined Hwang Hee-chan’s side. Captain Maximilian Kilman said, “Hwang Hee-chan was amazing. He is always contributing to and helping the team even when he fails to score, and he has shown really great performance this season.” “Credit to Cunha, Netu, and Sarabia who are trying to pass Hwang Hee-chan and Hwang Hee-chan,” he said. “They are really trying to help Chani, and this season Chani is phenomenal.”

“Coach O’Neill has given Channi more confidence. I think Channi was in and out of the squad a lot last season, but he has played a lot of games this season, and when he came back to the team he took the opportunity,” Kilman said. “He’s playing with a lot more confidence on the front line, he’s created chances himself, and his finishing this season has been really good.”

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