‘KBL 10’ SONO completes compensation negotiations… Lee Jung-hyun’s salary raised by 200 million won, ‘150%’

Second-year pro guard Lee Jung-hyun (Goyang Sono) has become a billionaire player.

“I have finalized my compensation negotiations for the 2023-2024 season and completed my registration as a KBL player,” Sono announced on Monday.

The total compensation is 2.375 billion won, or 85% of the salary cap.

Lee Jung-hyun, 카지노사이트 who contributed a lot to the team last season, concluded negotiations for 200 million won, a 150% increase from his total compensation of 80 million won last season. Lee, who was ranked third in overall contributions in the 2022-2023 season, was also selected for the Hangzhou Asian Games following the Universiade.

“It feels good to be recognized by a new team, but there is also pressure,” said Lee, “I will do my best to show satisfactory play and improve my contribution from last season,” he said.

The highest paid player on the team is Jeon Sung-hyun. Signed as a free agent last year, Jeon signed a four-year contract for a total of $750 million, and lived up to his price tag last season, helping the team reach the top four of the playoffs.

Kim Jin-yu became the first player to earn a billion-dollar salary after his debut when he agreed to a contract worth 130 million won, a 63 percent increase from last season’s 80 million won.

Sono, meanwhile, will begin their full-scale tune-up with their first practice game against Sungkyunkwan University at 4 p.m. on Oct. 10 at the Goyang Sono Arena Auxiliary Stadium.