Volleyball Queen’s ‘Boneheaded Suggestion’… “Youth to National Team Development Needed”

“Volleyball Empress” Kim Yeon-kyung (Heungkuk Life), 2012 London Olympics quarterfinalist Lee Sook-ja, KBSN Sports commentator Han Yumi, and Han Song-i met with Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Yoo In-chon to discuss women’s volleyball and the development of Korean sports. The ministry held the ‘Korea Volleyball Association-Women’s National Team Retired Players Meeting’ at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Seoul in Jongno-gu, Seoul on Tuesday.

‘Volleyball development’ was the first item on the agenda, but as the discussion progressed, it expanded to include Korean sports as a whole. “In order to develop volleyball, it is important to actively support it. We need an organic development program that connects from youth to the national team,” Kim suggested. “Unfortunately, our men’s and women’s volleyball will not compete in the 2024 Paris Olympics. In order to qualify for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics, 메이저 토토사이트 we need to organize frequent international competitions to improve our international competitiveness and gain experience.”

One commentator raised the topic of ‘life after retirement’: “Many athletes worry about life after retirement. I would like to see a program that systematically educates athletes about life after retirement while they are still active.” Minister Yoo responded, “There is a support center for professional dancers. They help people who used to dance ballet and other sports with their post-retirement life.” Minister Yoo responded, “I understand the need for a support center for athletes.”

“Women’s handball is the only Korean ball game competing in the Paris Olympics,” Minister Yoo said, “and the limitations of the existing system, such as the decline in student athletes and the decline in international competitiveness of elite sports, are the root cause. After the Olympics, we plan to reform the entire sports policy, including school sports and elite sports.”