‘4R 7 wins’ GASCO squad receives round bonus

KOGAS pays round bonuses to teams earlier than usual to boost their morale.

Daegu KOGAS struggled through Round 3 with a record of 7 wins and 20 losses. They were in 9th place. They were closer to 10th place (Samsung) with a 2.5-game lead than to 7th place (Sono, Chung Kwan-jang) with a 2-game lead.

It’s been a completely different story for GAS in the fourth round, which began in 2024. 현금홀덤사이트 They have 7 wins and 2 losses.

This is the first time in the KBL that a team with seven or fewer wins at the end of the third round has won seven games in the fourth round.

Gasworks is currently in seventh place with 14 wins and 22 losses. They are nine games ahead of 10th place. They are clearly out of the underdog category.

The KBL rules allow teams to pay bonuses to their players per round. The threshold is up to the team.

Gazprom set a threshold of five wins for the round bonus.

GAS won one game in Round 1, two games in Round 2, and four games in Round 3.

They didn’t receive a bonus in the previous rounds, but in Round 4, they exceeded it by two wins, finishing as the best team out of 10.

GAS has one game left in Round 4 (Feb. 1 vs. KT) based on match numbers. Losing this game will not change the fact that they have met the criteria to receive the bonus.

According to GASCO officials, in the past two seasons, bonuses were paid late. This time, the company decided to pay the bonuses as soon as possible to encourage the players who showed their dedication. They will be paid as early as the end of this week.

In practical terms, GASCO, which is entering Round 5, will be able to earn more bonuses if it continues its surge.