Suwon Samsung appoints director Yeom Ki-hoon…”I’m going to re-enter K League 1 with my fans”

“We have officially announced the appointment of Yeom Ki-hoon as the ninth head coach,” the Suwon club said on Wednesday. Many were curious as to which leader would take charge of the shipwreck after Suwon suffered relegation from the second division early last month. However, Yeom was reportedly picked as the first candidate relatively early on. His appointment confirmed Wednesday.

Yeom’s contract period is two years until 2025. Suwon appointed Park Kyung-hoon, a soccer player who served as the Jeju and Seongnam coaches, the executive director of the Korea Football Association, and a technical advisor to Busan on Tuesday, the day before Yeom’s appointment, and expressed its commitment to making efforts to boost performance in order to be promoted to the top division.

He then suddenly took the helm of Suwon at the end of last year, overturning the expectation that “Suwon will be demoted early” and raising Yeom, who led the relegation fight until the final match, as the coach. “We decided to overcome the sense of defeat, present and implement new goals, promote the reform of the squad without confusion, prevent major key players from leaving, and implement the club’s long-term development plan,” the Suwon club said. “We appointed Yeom after carefully reviewing multiple candidates for the coach.”

He then explained, “The general manager Park selected Yeom as the right person to overcome the biggest crisis since his foundation and unite the team to return to the K League 1 again.” 실시간 바카라사이트

Suwon also said, “We are well aware of the team’s problems and expect Coach Yeom, who has the will and ability to solve them, to contribute to solving the problems at hand and normalizing the team,” adding, “We plan to complete the restructuring of the team as well as building a new division with the full power of appointing coaching and support staff.”

Yeom is a legendary player who made a milestone in K-League history beyond Suwon. Since making his professional debut in Jeonbuk in 2006, he instantly increased his stock price as he became the top contributor in Jeonbuk’s AFC Champions League (ACL) in the first year.

Yeom, who joined Suwon in 2010 after playing in Ulsan, spent 14 years in Suwon until last year, and received much applause from fans as a legend of Suwon in the 21st century. Yeom received several love calls in the Middle East during his active career, but he has established himself as a player with all the skills, loyalty and personality by staying in Suwon.

He has various records as a Suwon legend, including the most appearances (416 games), the most goals scored (71 goals), the most assists (121), the most served captain in Suwon (7 seasons) and the first four consecutive years (2014-2017). Yeom was playing as a playing coach last year, but after the replacement of two coaches in an unprecedented season, he became an acting coach on Sept. 26 with no experience as a full-time leader and became a firefighter in Suwon on the verge of relegation.

Although they failed to succeed in a single task of direct relegation, Japanese midfielder Kazuki pushed his opponent with offensive football to win a 3-2 come-from-behind victory in the 36th round of the Suwon Derby away match against Suwon FC.

He drew 0-0 at home against Gangwon in the 38th round, shedding tears of relegation, but recorded a very good winning rate with three wins, two draws and two losses in the seven games he took the helm. Yeom is currently in the process of licensing P-class in a foreign country, so he has no problem in taking office as an official coach

“I will run toward the goal of re-entry into the K League 1 with a heavy sense of responsibility. It is a difficult situation in many ways, but I will make a leap forward as long as our fans are there,” Yeom said. Suwon, which has been training under Yeom since the 4th, plans to hold the first off-season training in Bangkok, Thailand from the 12th to the 29th. Through the appointment of Yeom, Suwon will seek to harmonize with Park, a former soccer player.

Park used to be a side defender representing Korean soccer. Having joined Pohang Steelers (currently Pohang Steelers) in 1984 and started his professional career, Park played 134 games as a pro until 1992. Park was one of the stars representing the K-League in his early days. In 2013, when the K-League selected the best 11 players to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its foundation, he joined Ulsan coach Hong Myung-bo, current coach Choi Kang-hee and Suwon FC manager Choi Soon-ho.

He also played for the Korean national team. He played in a total of 93 A matches as a member of the Korean national team at two World Cups, the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, and the 1990 World Cup in Italy.

In the pro league, he assumed the baton of Jeju Island and Seongnam for six years and one year, respectively. However, he has no relationship with Suwon not only as a player but also as a leader, and this time he joined hands with Suwon for the first time as an administrator. On the other hand, Yeom marks the 15th year of his career in Suwon, and he is a legendary player in Suwon who is called “Real Blue.”

I wondered if there would be a good harmony between Park, who is new to Suwon, and Yeom, who has a lot of fine bones. Park and Yeom are starting anew, but there are also tasks. Suwon fans were opposed to the appointment of Yeom as the official head coach.

As Suwon’s basic paradigm has become so-called “Real Blue,” which selects Suwon native as the coach and runs the club around them, fans wanted a leader who could look at Suwon objectively from the outside rather than taking charge of Suwon, where the club legend, Yeom, is reeling, at an early age.

With the opening of the second part this year, Yeom and Suwon immediately had to calm down their fans from a good start. Recently, however, coaches Park Kun-ha and Lee Byung-geun have repeatedly left their clubs with blushing faces due to sluggish performance. Naturally, Suwon fans say they do not want to blush with another legend.

This winter, coach Kim Ki-dong moved from Pohang to FC Seoul, and coach Kim Do-kyun moved from Suwon FC to Seoul E-Land. In addition, Park Tae-ha, former chairman of the technical committee of the Korea Professional Football Federation, who led the team in Yanbian, China, was the former Pohang coach, Kim Hak-beom, former Olympic team coach in Jeju, Kim Do-kyun, who led Korean soccer to the semifinals at last year’s U-20 World Cup, became the Suwon FC coach, and Yeom became the official coach in the new season in 2024. Coach Park Dong-hyuk also moved from Asan in Chungnam to Gyeongnam FC in the same K-League 2, and Kim Hyun-seok took the helm of Asan in Chungnam as his successor.

Anyang manager Ryu Byung-hoon and Cheonan manager Kim Tae-hwan also joined the team. Jeonbuk coach Dan Petrescu, who took over during the last season, Lee Jung-hyo, who made Gwangju FC the elite of the Asian Football Confederation Champions League (ACLE) last year, Daegu manager Choi Won-kwon, the youngest one born in 1983, Jeong Jeong-yong, who overcame regret at Seoul E-Land to lead Gimcheon’s management to promotion, and Gangwon FC manager Yoon Jeong-hwan, who avoided relegation during the last season, are also facing fierce competition in the K-League for the second year.

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