Spring and Autumn Warring States Period

On the 10th, Civiontech beat Karolina Muhova 2-1 (6-25-7 6-4) in the women’s singles final of the French Open, the second tournament of the season of the four major tournaments in Stade Roland Garros, on the 10th. As a result, Sibiong Tech won its second consecutive French Open title following last year. Including the 2020 French Open and the 2022 US Open, this is the fourth major singles trophy in his career.

Born in 2001, Sibiong Tech became the youngest player to win four majors in 21 years since Serena Williams of the U.S. Williams won her fourth major title at the 2002 U.S. Open, just before she turned 21. Williams, who was called the “Tennis Empress,” never came out as a strong player after she was far from winning a major tournament after giving birth in 2017. Naomi Osaka, born in 1997, and Ashleigh Barty, born in 1996, won four and three major championships, respectively, but their heyday was not long.

Osaka, the first Asian player to rank No. 1 in the world in 2019, has not appeared in the official tournament since she revealed her pregnancy earlier this year. Barty, who has remained at the top of the world rankings for nearly three years since 2019, also announced her retirement in March, saying, “I poured out everything and there is nothing more to give physically.” In addition, Sofia Kenin, Barbora Kreichkova, Emma Radkanu, Elena Rivakina, and Arina Sabalenka have lifted major tournament trophies since 2020, but they have won only briefly.

Meanwhile, Sibiong Tech has won three of the last six major tournaments, establishing itself as the strongest in name and reality. Sibiong Tech, which ranked No. 1 in the world after Barty announced her retirement last year, has not lowered its No. 1 position for 62 consecutive weeks. Sibi Ong Tech is not a player with excellent physique or power. As a female tennis player, 176cm is hard to say that she is tall. That doesn’t mean that the serve is very strong. In this tournament, Sibiong Tech recorded only eight serve aces. It ranks only 12th among all players. It is less than half the number of muhova (18), who met in the final. Throughout this season, the number of serve aces is out of the top 40.

The biggest strength of Sibiong Tech is its defense ability with speed and smart game management ability. In the final, he continued his rally by rolling up Muhova’s powerful attack numerous times. Muhova, tired of the grass, collapsed due to a mistake, and at the end, Sibiong Tech was able to laugh. Sibiong Tech has a 60% (1st place) chance of scoring in the opponent’s serve game. Sibion Tech’s style, which has solid defense, fits well with the French Open on clay courts. It is no coincidence that he has won three of his four major championships at the French Open.

However, in order for Sibiong Tech to stand tall as a true tennis queen, it must overcome Wimbledon on the grass court. Sibiong Tech’s best performance at Wimbledon so far is the round of 16 in 2021. He has won 14 tour tournaments so far, but he has never even reached the final on the grass court. “It was a really hard game, and I had a lot of stress because of the ups and downs,” Sibion Tech, who showed a stronger side in big games, including four wins in the finals and 14 wins and four losses in the finals, said in an interview after the game. 토토

He also said, “I’m not sure what kind of ability I have,” adding, “But I don’t want to have a record or a goal.” I know it’s best for me to stay cool and I’m trying to do that,” he added. In addition, Sibiong Tech did not hide its confidence in Wimbledon, the upcoming major tournament, saying, “As I finished the clay court season well this year, I don’t think I will doubt my strength and ability again.”

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