“So that I may advance to the Wang Zhong Wang”

Bong Eui-joong Han Ye-dam (170 cm, F) is ready for the Weekend League.

The 2024 Korea Basketball Weekend League started on July 15 with the qualifying rounds for each region. While the tournament is in full swing in the regions other than Honam and Gyeongsangbuk-do, the girls’ middle school and high school teams will begin in earnest in July.

Bonguijung Middle School in Chuncheon is also in the midst of preparing for the weekend league. With a total of 12 players, including three juniors, four sophomores, and five freshmen, Bonguijung is preparing for its first match on July 6 against 카지노사이트 Cheongsoljung.

“I was disappointed with my performance in the Spring League. I didn’t do much of what I needed to do, and I felt unprepared. As a third-year student, I had to inspire my teammates to fight and set an example, but I didn’t do that,” she said, reflecting on the previous tournament.

“In the association championships, I tried to work harder than in the previous tournament (Spring Federation Games), and (my performance) was better. We made it to the finals, but I’m still not satisfied,” he said.

Coach Kim Yang-woo of Bong Eui-jung said of Han, “He is the tallest among the starters, and he works hard. She is sincere in all aspects, including her training attitude. In offense, he can see inside and outside. However, I would like to see more defense and rebounding from her.”

“My strength is my pivot play under the basket. I am confident in following through when defending,” and added, “I need to practice dribbling a lot. I feel that I’m not good enough. My coach usually tells me a lot about fighting, so I try to be more active,” she said.

Bong Eui-joong was assigned to Group A with Cheongsoljung, Sunil Women’s Middle School, and Sookmyung Women’s Middle School. The two teams met in the first game of the finals of the 49th National Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball Glory Tournament in April and lost 55-74.

“We met Sookmyung Women’s Middle School in this year’s tournament (in the same group). We tried our best, but we lacked the backbone, and we will do even worse in the league this weekend,” she said.

“Personally, I’m going to be more aggressive. On defense, I will be more active in rebounding. I’m going to try to make more use of teamwork and play a good game.”

Finally, Han Yedam expressed her desire to play for the youth national team and to become a professional player, saying, “First, I will do my best to help the team advance to the Wangjungwang Game.”

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