Samsung, which uses Rapak as its home, has zero 20-homer hitters in 15 years

Samsung, which uses Rapak as its home, has zero 20-homer hitters in 15 years… LG, which uses Jamsil, has two 20-homer hitters.

When you think of the Samsung Lions of the past, the first thing that comes to mind is the home run machine. Samsung has produced 12 home run champions, the most among the 10 teams. In addition to the original home run king, Lee Man-soo, Samsung also has five other home run champions, including Kim Sung-rae, Lee Seung-yup, Shim Jung-soo, and Choi Hyung-woo.

The past is the past. Contrary to its past reputation, Samsung hasn’t had a single 20-homer hitter this season. It’s been 15 years since Samsung had zero 20-homer hitters since 2008. Back then, Choi Hyung-woo led the team with 19 home runs. 온라인카지노 It’s even more disappointing that the team hasn’t produced a 20-homer hitter at Daegu Samsung Lions Park, which is known for being a hitter-friendly ballpark.

In 2016, the first year of Daegu Samsung Lions Park, Choi Hyung-woo (31) and Lee Seung-yeop (27), in 2017, Darin Ruff (31), Lee Seung-yeop (24), and Koo Ja-uk (21), in 2018, Darin Ruff (33), Kang Min-ho (22), Koo Ja-uk, and Lee Won-seok (20+), Darin Ruff (22) in 2019, Kim Dong-yeop (20) in 2020, Jose Pirela (29), Jae-il Oh (25), and Guzauk (22) in 2021, and Jose Pirela (28) and Jae-il Oh (21) in 2022.

However, there hasn’t been a single 20-homer hitter this season. Kang Min-ho and Jose Pirela are tied for first in the category with 16 home runs. This is in contrast to LG, which has two 20-homer hitters in Austin Dean (23) and Park Dong-won (20) at Jamsil Stadium, the largest stadium in Korea.

The lack of 20-homer hitters this season was largely due to the failure of Jose Pirela and Jae-il Oh, who are considered “must-have” hitters.

Pirela led the team in home runs last year with 28 after hitting 29 in 2021, but his ability to produce long balls has noticeably diminished this year. After posting a .565 slugging percentage last year, he’s hit just .425 this year.

Oh Jae-il, who hit over 20 home runs in 2021 and 2022, also underperformed this season, hitting just 11 home runs. Both his home run total and batting average have plummeted from 2.668 to 2.335 this season.

Samsung ended the season with a record of 61 wins, 82 losses, and one tie (a winning percentage of 0.427), with its last game against the Changwon NC on May 15. The reasons for the team’s poor performance are varied. While the lack of long balls is not the main reason for the slump, it is definitely one of the areas that needs to be improved.

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