One goal, one assist, and 10 points… How well did he do? His form in his prime is back

Soccer statistics media “Huscoord dotcom” selected the best Eleven players in the fifth leg of the UEFA Champions League on November 30 (Korea time). A large number of players including Gabriel Jesus, Royce Oppenda, Jude Bellingham, Joao Mariu, and Hakim Ziyech were selected. There was also Cancelo.

What drew attention was Cancelo’s rating. It was out of 10 points. Although Cancelo led Barcelona to an upset win by scoring one goal and one assist, it is not uncommon for a player with one goal and one assist to get 10 points in grading. Even if a player scores more than a hat trick, he or she does not get 10 points in grading, but Cancelo did it. The result was overwhelming in the match between Barcelona and Porto.

For now, Cancelo left Manchester City this summer and loaned to Barcelona. Once nicknamed “The Brain of Manchester City” by Pep Guardiola, Cancelo has risen to the ranks of the world’s best fullbacks by demonstrating what a completely inverted fullback is. However, he was pushed to a corner after friction with Guardiola and loaned to Bayern Munich in the second half of last season.

After failing to settle in Munich, he returned to Manchester City, but his location was still unclear. He moved to Barcelona on loan. Barcelona needed a fullback. Cancelu, who has high tactical intelligence and a good pass, was the profile that coach Xavi Hernandez wanted. After going to Barcelona, Cancelu played at both left and right fullbacks and played at a higher position. He became the ace of Barcelona, exerting influence on both the side and the center. 스포츠토토

Analysts say that he has regained his form in his prime. He displayed good performance at the match against Porto. Cancelo, who played as a left fullback, violated Porto’s defense. He displayed performance as good as a one-man show by creating chances and shooting alone. With just one foot technique, Porto’s defense collapsed like a autumn leaf, and they also created chances by giving accurate passes to teammates through wide vision. Not only did he focus on offense, but he faithfully performed defense duties.

The records show that his performance is more accurate. Including one goal and one assist, Cancelo has 90 percent pass success rate, 13 wins from ground contention (18 attempts), one from air ball contention, three fouls, five key passes, 100 percent of long pass success rate (four attempts and four successful attempts), two cross successes (three attempts), four shots (two effective shots), and six dribbles (eight attempts).

Barcelona fans, including coach Xavi, are praising Cancelu. Interest is so hot that rumors have already emerged that he will be fully recruited. Barcelona fans are smiling while watching Cancelu’s performance despite his fluctuating performance and poor scoring performance.

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