No big club in the world is so small… PSG Mbappe salary

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) has reportedly not paid Kylian Mbappe’s salary for two months. The club has also allegedly failed to pay Mbappe the bonus he was promised. The question is whether the two sides will go to court.

“PSG have not paid Mbappe’s salary for the past two months, revealing new tensions with the player, who is set to join Real Madrid,” the UK’s The Athletic reported on Feb. 22 (ET).

According to a PSG source contacted by The Athletic, ‘The club has taken this stance because it believes that it cannot fulfill the promises it made to Mbappe to protect PSG financially when he left as a free agent. PSG said it is also withholding bonus payments. ‘There was an agreement in principle that Mbappe would financially compensate the club if he left as a free agent when his contract expires on June 30,’ the report said.

After all, this is a case that started with Mbappe’s contract with PSG in 2022. Mbappe was in conflict between Real and PSG, but ultimately chose PSG and signed a new contract. The two sides announced that he had signed a new contract until 2024-2025, but it was actually a 2+1 year deal. Mbappe was the one with the one-year extension clause.

However, in June 2023, Mbappe informed PSG that he would not be exercising the one-year extension clause as expected. This was the beginning of a bitter conflict between Mbappe and PSG. Faced with the prospect of selling the world’s most expensive soccer player a year later without receiving a transfer fee, PSG became furious and attempted to force a sale of Mbappe.

PSG made a big push to sell Mbappe, but in reality, the player had no intention of leaving PSG. Mbappe didn’t even bother to look at every offer that came his way. Even when PSG took strong measures to remove him from the first team, Mbappe insisted on honoring his contract with the club.

The bitter confrontation between Mbappe and the club eventually thawed out thanks to the intervention of coach Luis Enrique and PSG president Luis Campos. From there, Mbappe was able to return to the field. In February 2024, Mbappe informed the club again of his decision not to trigger the one-year extension clause, and after negotiations with Real, they agreed to a transfer.

PSG hasn’t paid Mbappe since May, when he announced his intention to leave the club. While PSG 토토 may have agreed to compensate Mbappe financially if he leaves as a free agent, not paying him is another matter entirely. Mbappe is under contract with PSG through the 2023-2024 season, so PSG should be paying him. Mbappe’s two-month salary is worth €12 million.

If Mbappe refuses to compensate PSG financially, then it would be correct for PSG to sue Mbappe for not fulfilling his promise. PSG has taken a unilateral decision from a position of power as a club and has taken advantage of Mbappe as a player.

PSG also did not pay Mbappe the bonus they had agreed to pay him if he played through the 2023-2024 season. This is a well-known loyalty bonus. It’s estimated to be worth €80 million.

While the exact facts surrounding the loyalty bonus are still unclear, there is speculation that Mbappe’s relegation to the second team was the reason he was able to rejoin the first team. However, Mbappe is now demanding that PSG pay him his bonus, along with two months of unpaid salary. Mbappe’s demand is reportedly for a whopping €100 million ($148.7 million).

Unlike the salary, the loyalty bonus is a matter of how the two sides came to an agreement. If Mbappe had indeed 안전한 파워볼사이트 decided to forgo the loyalty bonus in exchange for a return to the first team, PSG would have no reason to pay it. This is something that needs to be looked at differently than salary.

The incident also made it clear that Mbappe’s relationship with the PSG hierarchy was deeply fractured. In his first public appearance after his move to Real was finalized, Mbappe claimed to have received violent threats from someone in the PSG hierarchy.

“This season was the hardest to play. They told me I couldn’t play for PSG. They spoke violently to me in front of my face,” he said, adding, “Coach Enrique and president Campos saved me. Without them, I would never have played on the pitch again.”

Mbappe’s conflict with PSG has resumed almost as soon as they parted ways.


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